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Good design/architecture is essential to human survival. Good design with a hideous name (the SLUMTUBE !!) should also involve someone who doesn't have their head somewhere else, so to speak.

Here's some copy to start off with:
'Sometimes, when humans have materials/time/money we make fancy things like basilicas, ziggurats, etc. Because we are a resourceful species, we have also been making a less elaborate version of these pallet homes for decades...'
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I am all for creative exploration, but she should have trimmed her own eyelashes, or used mascara to blend them in. The contrast between the real lashes and the legs is probably significant, but fails to move me. If you're going to glue fly legs to your lash line, take it all the way. Subtlety is powerful.
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Francene, we must be of the same generation. I had a Growing Up Skipper as well. This Skipper helped me to realize that, one day, I would get taller and grow breasts, which made Barbie seem even more unreal ( I knew for sure that I would not develop feet that could only wear stilettos !)
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In Los Angeles, the bacon-wrapped hotdog that made the garment and produce districts smell so divine has been banned. (You can still get one if you know where to go)... my friend, a life-long vegetarian, became an omnivore upon consuming a bacon-wrapped hotdog in Oaxaca...
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Spencer Holmes: thanks!
Polx: Well said. Those who 'scream Photoshop about everything they don’t understand' should type 'scientific method' into their search engine... skepticism is a tough gig. But running through town as a torch-wielding, irrational villager does have its appeal ...
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1. hilarious! due, in large part to its impropriety
2. absolutely!
3. as a comedic concept

lemme get this straight:
in the movies: "hidden camera film footage “smuggled out” of somewhere showing people CAT JUGGLING - a crime so heinous that it outrages Johnson."
in real life: junknews footage of people dropping babies from 50 ft is cool, and reminds people of a funny bit they saw...
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