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Because I'm a nerd...The Eagles felt the same way the Ents did. They were not wanting to get involved as they thought it was a human problem that didn't concern them.
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I'm current on Black Bullet. I'm kinda on the fence about it. I have started Blade and Soul though, and I am liking it. I just finished Golden Time and found it really enjoyable.
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*SPOILERS* maybe. I hate to be "that guy" but according to the show, the walls were given to them by god. That could be a metaphor, but if you look the very final seconds of the series, it could mean that the source of the walls may still be a mystery or god just likes to screw with people or both.
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I listen to a lot of interviews from people from all walks of life. I've grown to hate listening to people constantly saying "like" "kind of" and "you know." This being the UK, i'm surprised they didn't also ban "summit."
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This is something that has perplexed me since I moved here. Super cute girls with dirty bearded guys... on the other hand, and unfortunately, I was reminded that I was still in Texas today when I was at a pawn shop and there was a sign that said, "Free Rebel Flag knife with $20 purchase." So happy MLK day with that one :(
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anonymous coward... The music has to be licensed to spotify. It doesn't just get put on there because the music exists. Sometimes, those licensed rights can change. A recent one that I'm aware of is Ted Leo and the pharmacists. Most of his past albums were on Touch N' Go Records. That label folded a few months ago so all of his old music, as well as the music from all of the other artists that have ever been on that label, was removed from Spotify. No the only one on there is his newest album and his very first self released.
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K Lawrence... You are assuming that every musician has the time and ability to manage all the business aspects. Tell that to any musician that is having to drive themselves across the country. Successful musicians need support. A good record label can offer that to them. Musicians can also appreciate that.
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I use spotify, but I also have a subscription to emusic. While I like spotify, the streaming sound quality isn't the best. I will use it to find something new or to save playlists to use while at work. If at home, I will listen to my downloaded music. Am I alone in preferring quality of the recording over convenience?
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i met robert eastman a few months ago at a con. at the end of one of the nights someone asked him if he wanted a whole pizza that was leftover in the lobby. i'm not sure if they realized who he was. he didn't want the pizza though.
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