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Kind of sad that parts of humanity have isolated themselves from such natural parts of life (because it's "dirty") that something as mundane as childbirth can be considered "art".
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Go figure that the studies that say older moms are just peachy keen were done by FERTILITY DOCTORS, no ulterior motives there eh?

I'm sure you could get mostly the same study results by looking at 20 something mom's from families with old school money.

There's numerous reasons nature makes it hard to juice up a 45+ year old ovum.
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Pass a flyer out with every Moose hunting license saying that all albino Moose are protected (under the namby-pamby law of 2011) and the penalty for shooting it is 50,000 kroners and permanent banning from any future hunting license in Norway.
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And for the counter point...

That was awful, if they weren't 8-10 year olds, I'd say "don't quit your day jobs".

It's why any reputable music teacher uses the classics (as in classical music not rock) to teach the fundamentals of playing an instrument. There's a (big) difference between knowing how to play music and scratching out 3 chords on a guitar while hoping around like your shoes are full of pudding.
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So Moose are rare and need to be protected now?

It's a freak of nature color-wise (i.e. it hit the genetic jackpot getting both recessive alleles), but it's still just a Moose.

If Norway (the government) wanted to protect it, it could - since it didn't - get over it already.
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Science, it's not for the weak willed or easily discouraged.

And that's a good thing. For all of the stories like this one, there are thousands and thousands of crack pots that think they have discovered something when they haven't.

Peer review can be nasty, but it's the only way to keep the crack pots at bay.
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