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The first Jewish cabinet member part is quasi-false: Jefferson Davis appointed Judah P Benjamin to three different Confederate cabinet positions.
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"Super awesome clip. I wonder why they were filming in the first place?"

They knew to expect an extra-long takeoff. "Fully loaded" necessitates a full load of fuel = a lot more weight. Also, it was a hot day. Hot air is thinner, which means additional takeoff distance. I'm guessing that an Il-76 is something of a novelty in those parts as well.
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No mention of the July 1863 Draft Riot? Over a hundred people died. Damage estimated at $1 Million 1863 dollars. Troops had to be brought up from recently-fought Gettysberg to quell the riot.
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Every so often a baby is born without a buttcrack. As there is a briefest window of opportunity, during which a baby's flesh is still pliable, this tool is kept on hand in hospital delivery rooms to give these poor souls a working, respectable buttcrack.
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