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There's an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" where another character claims his grandfather invented Cobb Salad, and Larry doubts this and looks up the true story (as above). Larry was right, but... he has to make a "thing" of it, doesn't he?!
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Finally, a topic I can comment on with some authority! I learned the pipes in the early 90s, courtesy of a former Black Watch Pipe Major. I gave it up after I left the band, because I found the Pipes incredibly limiting: only one volume setting (bloody loud), either "on" or "off" (no silence between notes). Only 9 notes (just over 1 octave) in a major scale, and they can not be tuned except to themselves. When we played with an orchestra, the whole orchestra had to retune to match the Pipes!
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Hugh - the cup is cold metal, sucks a lot of heat out of the flame quickly, so its temperature drops too low to sustain the flame. You'll notice those forks have fairly thick ends, but this might not work with all forks, e.g. with plastic handles.

This looks weird because the centre of gravity of the setup is in mid-air, and that's due to the way the forks are shaped. The toothpick is so light, relative to the forks, that burning half of it barely changes the centre of gravity of the setup.
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It's a Right to bear Arms, not an Obligation, people! I see far too many backwoods types mis-interpreting the Constitution that way, treating the guns as a core part of their identity as Americans...
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Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators were Catholic, so they're almost considered martyrs here in Ireland. The day is not marked here, and the fireworks are set off over Halloween, a.k.a. the pagan festival Samhain. They're illegal outside official displays, but there are still plenty around.
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Another great Scottish invention making an impact in the USA! (The Deep-Fried Mars Bar has been a Glasgow speciality since the 80s, though Wikipedia thinks it was invented in Stonehaven, near Aberdeen.)
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um... yeah? The ball is as hard as a hockey ball (harder than a baseball), and the batsman (baseball: batter) has to wear protective gear, since he's directly in the line of fire. example.

On the defense, only the wicket keeper (baseball: catcher) wears gloves. The bowler (baseball: pitcher) and the other fielders have no protection except (if they're smart) a "cup". OK, we do see fielders in the "silly" fielding positions (e.g. silly mid off) wearing helmets these days, but gloves are not permitted. ("Silly" is a polite way of saying "bloody stupid", meaning "really close to the batsman"!)
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Yes - and this is the same technique used to view stereoscopic pictures. In that case the two pictures have the same elements displaced laterally, giving you the 3D effect. Try some of the examples on Wikipedia's "Stereoscopy" page.

In this case it's a total mismatch of the elements in each picture, and the "glow" is the effect of your brain trying (and failing) to place them in a 3D field of vision. Eek...
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