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@Bill and Jolly, Wright-Patterson has an awesome museum attached to it with some very unique planes. I imagine a mint condition looking M-25 was too good for them to pass up. I think they just expanded as well, so maybe they are looking to occupy space. It is worth a visit.
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My wife and I live in a small village with tight lots and walking distance to a lot of bars. I bought one of these several years ago because there was a skunk sulking around our yard after dark and we didn't want the dog to get sprayed. It worked like a charm.

We got a bonus when a bunch of drunk people tried to use our patio as a late night pizza eating spot. We woke up to the sound of angry, wet confusion as they fled our yard. This thing now stands vigil every summer night. If only it had a webcam on it....
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I agree with Jessss. Animal testing is a vital step in the development of medical devices that save millions of lives per year. The idea that there are plenty of people that would sign up for the appropriate tests is foolish on too many levels to list. How about the people who think animal testing is abhorrent and cruel wave the use of all lifesaving medical techniques on themselves that involved animal testing?

The bigger problem is that people involved with kind of testing are often (in my opinion) desensitized to importance of an animal's life and perform unnecessary tests. Cosmetics are one egregious example. As is bio-compatibility of materials. I think we could greatly reduce the lost of life in test animals by small modifications in government and testing protocols.
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While cool on the surface, I think this is irresponsible. After reading the story, it seems like he now has bad debt on his house and bad debt on his car. It is crap like this has led our country into our current mess. Couldn't he have done something like this without screwing anyone else? Maybe buy a used Gallardo that the article cites?

Simply a douche bag with a car he can't afford.
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Take advantage of widescreen format. Almost every monitor sold now is wide screen, yet most blogs still have single column layout and do nothing to take advantage of the widescreen. I say go to two or more columns of stories, perhaps filtered content, related stories to active story on the left, etc. Or perhaps the comment section shows up on the right when a story is highlighted on the left. You have great readers with great comments, but I hate clicking through to get to them.
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