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Nice, Becki. I guess you're the explanation for why the U.S. has record levels of personal, corporate and government debt.

Hope you learn to speak Mandarin - they're going to own us soon the way we're going.
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I came so close to mashing my son's Optimus Prime toy when he was a kid....

I think he will find this truly disgusting, though. Along with the idiotic Transformers movie.
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It must be sad to be 20 and already such a crotchety cranky person.

I thought the lolpresident thread was quite funny, and educational.
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Yet another wasteful gadget we don't need, that will be made in China and exported here to be sold for a couple dollars.

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Just a technicality, but wouldn't "gun grabbers" be those who HAD guns, not those who oppose them?

You're most likely to be shot by yourself or someone you know, not in some random shooting incident.

Nobody wants to grab your gun, people. We would just ask that you use them safely and nicely, and play well with others in discussions, instead of calling them names. K?

And before you go flaming me, we own several guns and the NRA sticker is on my car. K?

Now shut up.
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