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Good grief, this has sure made the rounds. The guy is certainly lucky that he landed in something soft. But the media apparently haven't given a moment's thought to the meaning of the term "freefall." Freefall is what you're doing *before* deploying the parachute. That would be about 120mph, and no berry patch would save you.

He had a spinning malfunction with two canopies out, a serious but not-unheard-of situation. What would really be interesting to know is why his main canopy didn't release.
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Jason is talking about docking with another skydiver in freefall, obviously. That's a fundamental part of sport skydiving. Docking with a plane is not.

For anyone interested, I have some examples of freefall docking here, and you can see the original plane-chasing experiments and other nutty skydiving business on Joe Jennings' DVD "Good Stuff" at
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Interesting, but I'm not sure if this illustrates anything profound or not. If you morph 30 photos into each other, you'll always get a fairly symmetrical average of them, and it's known that we're wired to find symmetry attractive. You'll also tend to end up with average brown hair and eye color. So it's not really surprising that so many of these composites look similar, and that the main factor in lower rankings appears to be weight.

But miss "6.0-6.4" is the cutest...
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Meh. The sets are so obviously miniatures, and the photographer's point-of-view so consistently life-size relative to the life-size models, that these don't for an instant look deceiving. The only half-interesting shots are solely due to bikinis.

The park looks neat though.
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"A rich, brownish-yellow mess, the 4-foot-by-8-foot work was painted on fiberboard."


I found a rich, brownish-yellow mess in a public restroom the other day. I'm calling Sotheby's.

Get off my lawn!
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