Jackson Pollock's Painting Sold for $140 Million?

Rumor is, a painting by Jackson "Jack the Dripper" Pollock called "No. 5, 1948" is now the most expensive painting in the world: sold to a whopping $140 million.


Just don't let Steve Wynn come anywhere close to it!

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If you saw the real thing instead of a poor reproduction on the internet or in a magazine, you might change your mind. I've seen "Blue Poles" by Pollack in Canberra, Australia and was just blown away by it. It's beautiful and you just know you're standing in front of something special. There was the same discussion about Blue Poles when the Aust govt bought it in the 1970's. It was said to be a waste of money and turned out to be a very canny investment apart from it's intangible value as a thing of beauty. You might think that anyone could just punch some holes in a paint tin and create the same thing but it's just not true. You wouldn't create the same thing and somehow it would be unlikely that the thing you created would be as special. I probably haven't changed your mind but I have to try!
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"A rich, brownish-yellow mess, the 4-foot-by-8-foot work was painted on fiberboard."


I found a rich, brownish-yellow mess in a public restroom the other day. I'm calling Sotheby's.

Get off my lawn!
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