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I have a bet at the office that gas will be at $7 a gallon by the end of the summer. Looks like I may win that bet. Doesn't bother me at all. I live close enough to bike (which I just bought.) The only that will suck is when winter rolls around and I can't get lettuce for less than $10 a head.

That is actually is going to get us... shipping the food. We have grown use to having our lettuce/beef/food flown to us from across the globe. Now that fuel is going through the roof we are going to have less choices.
It's ok. I need to lose some weight anyways.
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What gets me is that she is actually moving that way. I thought it was some sort of camera trickery in the first! She is a total spaz!!!

My brain just doesn't accept that her body moves with such quick, small, nuances. I swear something must be being done in-camera or in post.
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you didn't know that they were rubidium atoms! Sucka!!!

You can be the smartest guy on the planet but with a pretty girl like that in front of you and *B00M*! Right in your face.

Plus she had a great set of cans... cans of knowledge in her head that is.

don't be a fool, stay in school
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Yeah, it's working off of some weird database. I put in my ex GF and her surname didn't show either. And that can't be right cause at a wedding we attended this year there were like 200 hundred of them!

And are supposed to be 3 with my name and that can't be right because I am special!!!
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Dude, or Dudette, I have been coming to your blog for some time now and while there are many cool things that I have found on your site, this one has the honor of me saying out loud, "That, is f*cking cool!"
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