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I suspect it has a good deal to do with activating the body's limbic system. In the wild, a flight or flight response would certainly necessitate more food afterward to recapture expended energy. If you are placed in an adrenaline producing situation without exertion, I suspect the body is still programmed to want to additional nourishment, probably with a preference for fats and sugars.
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Debunk isn't really a fair word to use here. Debunking is generally applied to scams and pseudo-science.

Einstein's theory could be disproved. (Note is isn't called Einstein's Fact)but it is very unlikely. It is more possible that rather than overturn (debunk, as you say) relativity, this finding, if true, might modify it.
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Outrageously fake! Seriously, edit before you post! That's why you the editor! (I'm so shocked I've used three exclamation points!(no, wait, four.))
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Cheating is worthless if you value learning.

Teaching a class with 600 students makes the teacher no more effective than a video.
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Yeah, I'm not seeing a difference between gray ghost and banksy except that banksy increases property values so that makes what he does art.
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The style of the photo, it's clarity and exposure are not consistent with the time period in which it could have been taken.

Lincoln also does not appear to be old enough for the earliest possible date of the photo, especially if you take into consideration his health problems. If this is a photo Abraham Lincoln in his early or mid 20's, this would also be the oldest portrait in known existence.
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Okay, let's try this test...

Take every movie that is currently in release. Or every movie that came out this year. Or last year. Or pick any year in the last twenty years.

Take your list of movies and tell me what percent of them feature a female lead.

You can do the math since you are clearly a strong statistical thinker. If the number is significantly less than 50 percent then I would ask you to explain the problem.
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A year after he passed away, by a serious of odd coincidences, I found myself hanging around with some of the Henson workshop puppeteers. They had finished work for the day on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. They weren't enjoying it. We were having a few beers and idly chatting about all sorts of things including what an incredible jackass Vanilla Ice was.

I then asked if Jim Henson was as good a guy as seemed. I'm sure I sounded like I was looking to dig up some dirt. The room went silent. The guy I was talking just shook his head. Across the room someone said "yeah," then put his beer down and left. The party ended.

These guys were all broken-hearted.

It's an incredible shame and a tragic loss that he was taken so early.
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hpoulter is right on the money. It's frustrating to see the Bimini "road" continue to be viewed as anything more than beautiful geology. The "mystery" has been solved for more then thirty years.
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