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" it was remembered for decades afterward."

Only by the South.

This clip could VERY easily be mistaken for old Klan footage. Creepy.
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They forgot to mention that food is horrifyingly expensive, women are so bent on independence they think marriage is a trap, and that even though they have free healthcare, you still get a bill.

Great idea, needs a few tweaks.
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Brilliant. Someone tell congress that this needs to be law in the U.S. We could use the money.

Wait, how many fatties are in office now?

Really. That MANY?

Oh, never mind then.
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He's saying "You know the machine you have there that makes this sound...'PPPppppffffffff'? Could you, like, stop running it in these waters? I have to live in this area and you're choking it up with gas and oil residue, assholes. It'd be like me coming into your living room and farting. Knock it off, butt-heads. Thank you."
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It always amuses me when people think this is innovative. Peter Gabriel was doing this 30 years ago. Karlheinz Stockhausen was 30 before that.

It's safe to assume that imagination is the only limitation to making anything *musical.

*Insert your own definition of "music" here.
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It's just like a post-9/11 airline to consider this a "state of emergency" and divert the plane back, wasting everyone's time.
Two things:
1) It was a bat. A simple, harmless bat. If you think it would've attacked you, you've been watching WAY too many movies. Damn thing just wanted away from all the mouth-breathers it was flying over.
2) Since we've (they) decided to barricade the pilots into the almighty tomb (known as a cockpit to you and me), there is no way in HELL the bat would've actually caused ANY hindrance to the pilots which would jeopardize the safety of the passengers.

Someone MUST be held accountable for such decisions. Just because they are "in charge" does not mean they make the best decisions. I would've insisted local law enforcement and local airline executives or representatives meet us at the terminal when we land so we could've discussed responsibility and how to best rectify the matter.

In other words, someone fucked 'up, and now I'm late.
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I don't get it. There must be 100's of people who've been frozen for this. Instead of wondering about it, thaw one of the suckers out. Preferably one from the 80's. That would be significant enough, I reckon.
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Secretly the drivers were saying a different prayer:

Dear Lord, although I'm about to drive in a large oval at speeds around 150-200mph, please don't let me crash. I know you're bending the rules of physics and, well, common sense with this prayer. But after my Klan meeting tonight I've got tickets to a Jeff Foxworthy show and I'd hate to miss that.

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So...what, we're supposed to treat NFL players like heroes now or something? Meh...they knew what they were getting themselves into.

@SethH true.
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It's too bad that eHow lessons are some of the WORST ways to learn anything. They're mostly a series of lists with no illustrations and vague wording.

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