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How bad is traffic right now across the United States? Thanks to Audi, we now have Road Frustration Index, a real-time map of how frustrated drivers in your city are, at any given moment (all I can say is "calm down, Sacramento, SF & LA!"): Link - via FastCompany

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Where's Honolulu?! Aah, Hawaii always gets left out. Got some serious Road Ragers here! When it rains, everyone forgets how to drive (oh boohoo, HI has sunny skies all the time :p). The Traffic, Sentiment and Accidents are high in my book though. A lot of bottlenecks and crazy dangerous merges, too. When there's 1 accident on the freeway, it cripples the whole island of Oahu. Try being stuck in this:
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I think this reflects more on the poor self control of the drivers than the actual traffic. Petulant primadonna Californians (I say as a born and bred California) need to spend time in Atlanta and understand what real traffic is. I've lived in LA and currently live in SF. The worst traffic I've had in the US is in Atlanta
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I moved to Sacramento last year- I've been the victim of violent road-rage twice- this is the worst place I've ever had to drive- every one is so angry- I can't even tell you how validated I feel right now.
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