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@ jolly. Nice. You know the reason you can drive a car without it getting all explodey? (like the Ford Pinto). Lawyers. How about that medicine you took for your headache? You probably don't have to worry that it's going to kill you because of...lawyers. If a loved one is in a horrible accident involving a drunk driver who is going to ensure he or she is going to be taken care of? A lawyer (and no, I'm not including the ambulance chasers here. Everyone likes to make lawyer jokes. Next time you are arrested, call a comedian.
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Having just this morning completed a 9 hr flight to Germany I say please, please make the kids sit in one area of the plane. Aside from the noise, there is the issue of the smell, and, as one person pointed out, Cheerios, snot rags, slobber, spit up rags, etc EVERYWHERE. Sure, if you are a parent you paid just the same as I did for a seat. But, I don't have the right to intrude on my seatmate's comfort-why should you?
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