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Cool Idea. Cargolifter failed. But they are not completely out of business.

I think this idea has real potential! Energy efficent transporation without having to care for load and size limits on roads. Just look at the logistical nightmares they usually have when transporting huge industrial components, this would be done without any hassle with such a thing.

I really hope they succed!
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Fun, than so many people get the math wrong (a simple subtraction) and claim to have found a flaw :-)

On the other hand: For the idiot that destroyed the first sheet... well done!
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@oli nope. The reason, why this stuff works is, that we sort the digits of the result after each step. Once in descending order (biggest number to be reached with four given digits) and ascending order (smallest number to be reached) and take the difference.

Take a few tries on my web-based calculator. It might make understanding easier if you can try different values.
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I've created a little spreadsheet to try it out. It's really funny.
If you want to try:

And yes, ther might still be errors as there was some hand labour involved to make it work without having to use scripts! And yes, you all could edit it, please only fill in the yellowish cell A2.
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