Bicycle Lock Climbs Lamp Post to Escape Thieves

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This German-language video appears to show an ingenious solution to bicycle theft. The lock wraps around a lamp post. Attach the bicycle to it, and then the user activates a remote-controlled motor. The lock climbs up the lamp post.

via DVICE | Company Website

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Hey everyone, really neat that you know our bike lock even outside Germany, amazing :)
I want to add that there's no plan to sell this,it would be to insecure (and like you already mentioned, what would happen if someone parks under your bike?).
But you can build it, the components and construction manual are online ( Perhaps a expensive but unusual idea for christmas ;)

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Can't you just create a bike lock with C4?

And by 'lock', I mean, something that just vaporizes the thieves that's triggered by car alarm remote?

Seems way cheaper than this.
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The lock is a good idea, but only useful where such a post is available to connect it to. What if someone has the same lock, and 'parks' under yours? Then you have to wait until yhey come back.
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So, one of your friends uses such a device to secure his bike. For a laugh, you wrap the pole it's suspended on with about a quarter inch thick band of duct tape. Hilarity ensues.
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