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Lego was a lot better when you just got an assortment of pieces and you had use your... GASP... imagination to think up something to build, all by yourself, and then... build it.
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The slave issue is being questioned as more evidence of the housing, wages, food, beer, and general logistics of the project, and the lives of the laborers is uncovered. The prevailing theory now is skilled construction workers and stone cutters. Actual papyrus writings have been found that detail the movement of supplies to the site of Khufu's pyramid.
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What a crock! OP should have consulted a geologist or at least wiki. The blocks used for construction are not poured. As Ken above noted, there are fossils in them and by studying the stone itself they have identified the quarries the stone came from.
A fallacious article like this is beneath even Neato's editorial capabilities.
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In 60', 70's, and 80's there were a lot of itinerant teens and young adults. It was probably easier to pick up victims when many highway onramps had a hitchhiker.
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The phone company is extraordinarily reliant on acronyms in every department. In fact, there was only 1 phrase that was not.. Time In Title. (how much time you have been in your current job title)
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