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No mention of how much drinkable water is produced in what time period. And since it needs condensation and evaporation, the places it can be used are limited.
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Beware if you use words that have multiple meanings, like pupil. There's no way this program knew which pupil I was thinking of. Does it take into account words that can be a noun or a verb?
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My current cat, 19.75 years old now, has never in his life entered a box willingly. Could it be his hatred of the cat carrier that started his disinterest?
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How do manage wiping without the fabric getting in the way? What do you do about the undies? What do you do when the fabric has slipped out of your hand and springs back over your unwiped backdoor? Leave the streaks as a badge of honor?
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No person on earth can say the right or wrong way to stack a burger. There is no right way. There is only whatever each person likes or dislikes. eg: I like my raw onion next to the meat so the flavor seeps in. Lettuce next to whatever spread is on the top bun. Ketchup always on the bottom bun, mayo, mustard on the top bun, or if the spread is a "secret sauce" that replaces the 3 previous options, that goes on both top and bottom buns.
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Eating helps, as does just waiting the 10-15 or so minutes until the highest of the high wears off. Unless you've overdone the edibles, then it will take longer. That's why I prefer buds or vape. Quick high and relatively quick down. And since the high comes quickly, you are less likely to over indulge like some do with edibles.
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Lego was a lot better when you just got an assortment of pieces and you had use your... GASP... imagination to think up something to build, all by yourself, and then... build it.
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