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Inherent secrecy? The Japanese swordmaking process is actually pretty darn well documented.

It's more that it's a boutique industry, and the swords of a master swordmaker cost more than a good car.

If there are 30 master swordmakers out there making $10K and up swords, that seems like a healthy market to me. How many people are making authentic English longbows any more?
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I think the first season of Scooby-Doo is still pretty good. The later series were not nearly so good, and then there were the literally dozens of knockoff series that were uniformly terrible.

And yes, a thousand curses on the Concerned Parents and their ilk. Johnny Quest was awesome.
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I doubt that any reliable data on the amount of pollution coming out of China over the last ten years even exists. Sure, the existence of pollution is no secret, but the exact levels at enough points to build a model? Unlikely.
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Wes: I agree.

NCIS did one of the best recent versions of this, casting Mark Harmon's son as the 19-year-old version of Gibbs. He looked and acted the part perfectly.

My Name is Earl also had a pretty good set of child actors to play the younger versions of Earl and company. It worked well enough that it became a recurring thing.

Also, Dexter managed to come up with pretty convincing versions of a younger Dexter.
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Yeah, because you just normally expect to find a 14 meter expanse of peanut butter in a public area.

I can't wait until the insects find it...
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Correction: The N-1 rocket that was to be their moon rocket was crap (That's the one they say looks like a doodle from a seven-year-old).

On the other hand, the Soyuz launcher, which was a derivative of the Sputnik launcher, is probably the most successful rocket design in history. The Saturn V was far more powerful, but the Soyuz launcher is the one that's still in production today.
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It doesn't sound to me like the victims think that the criminals should go free. And they are the ones who should have the last word.

35 years in prison is a long time. But so is 16 hours buried alive.
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