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This was back in 90ies. The book is now out of curriculum. Still someone remembered it couple days ago and posted it on FB. It has been making rounds on Serbian internet last few days.
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Well I come from a country where a waiter or a store clerk are actually considered your equal, but are never needlessly rude or snobish. Waiters are above all my friends, happy to see me in their restaurant in the same way I'm happy to be there and enjoy food and company. As any people a waiter might have a bad day, but again its normal to share even bad times with friends and people you respect. I come from Serbia, but same thing goes for people in most Balkan countries, Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia, Finland etc., all countries with different cultures and sets of etiquette. French are just rude, they just try to glorify that.
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Hey, I'm from Europe. I enjoy Belgian beers and good wines but main thing I enjoy about them is that they let me get hammered while drinking something that doesn't taste like a disinfectant (cheap Vodka). Only reason why alcohol is 'social lubricant' is cos its intoxicating. If you wanna avoid hangovers, stay clear of binge drinking and stick to the time tested method of marathon drinkers, one glass of water per every two doses of alcohol.
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These new rich Russians are bigger pirates then anz Somali fisherman will ever be. Most of them are veterans of mob wars in Siberian oil towns.
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Been there, n' have a photo to prove it. Gigger actually lives in Gruyeres. His private 'museum' is right next to the bar. Bar is much more interesting though.
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Hey I come from Serbia, and follow main news sources from that country daily, but I haven't seen any such news even on the more trashy tabloids there.

I saw the original post on BoingBoing and I see that the cited source is

This web site has been source of other such exciting news supposedly from my country such as:

Serbs line up for testicle shocks

Ananova - Frogs rain down on Serbia

Man needed surgery after sex with hedgehog

Of course none of them was ever seen in any Serbian news source. I heavily suspect a hoax.
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I was really surprised to see this thing about Smurfs and KKK.

The usual politic related Smurf controversy in Europe is that Smurfs are in fact communists. This notion comes, both from their idealistic little village society and the Peyo's own political inclinations.
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