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Samcar1 took the sentiment right out of my keyboard. Gonna be a real mess when he gets laid off and has about 10 minutes to clean out his desk.

I never get too comfortable in my office. One box; five minutes.
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Just one more reason for NO new taxes. The government wastes enough, has enough fraud and overlap to run and probably pay off some of the debt as well.

I'm a supporter of a strong defense, but this is obviously $700M the Pentagon doesn't need.
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What Marty, et al said. Redbox. Too easy.

Or, it could be Skynet achieving self awareness . . . figuring that earth is not worth taking over from the humans, so it will watch some movies instead.

From Redbox no less, its less than aware country cousin.
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I can't think of another institution that has failed as mightily as the prison has," he writes.

How about the educational system? Can we try some flogging there?
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