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It's a building in South Korea, so they're not going to think "oh, what will the Americans think about this!?" The rest of the world doesn't care as much about the USA as Americans think they do. This has nothing to do with the WTC. I'm from Canada, and the first thing I saw was not the WTC, just a strange architectural design.
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I felt I should comment, as it seems it's mostly non-cyclists commenting. Now, I don't pretend to own the road, but I will ride defensively, as I don't feel like getting mowed down but some jackass who hasn't learned to use his mirrors. I also ride motorcycles, and drive cars, and occasionally walk. I also bmx, so you`ll probably hate me for a number of other reasons, I may have ridden down the handrail in front of your building at one point or another. The thing is, there are a lot of cyclists that I hate just as much as the rest of you (and I've been riding for 20+ years, 10 of them competitively) but what you have to understand is that for every cyclist that acts like a prick, there are 10 more that are just average, non-dickish folks that like getting around by bike. Would I like to punch an arrogant hipster road hog on his fixed gear bike? Absolutely. But lumping all cyclists into one category is exactly the same as putting all car drivers in the same category.

So, open your eyes and grow up folks. There are bastards in every form of transportation.
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