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Well, as I commented recently on another site, until the rise of Nazi Germany, the swastika was a perfectly innocent good-luck symbol. Imagery does change meaning with time and historical events. And although the WTC isn't going to have the same meaning in Korea that it does in the US, it's impossible to ignore the connotations.

But should every iteration of twin upright towers be avoided until the end of time? Probably not. Towers that look like they've got pyroclastic clouds coming out of them? ...Perhaps.
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She's been featured on Regretsy before. The particular statue you've shown for this post gives me the horrors, because I once had a wrist injury that exposed tendons in a like fashion. Bruh.

But definitely a unique talent and style.
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In Texas, it used to be printed on our drivers' licenses. They would ask you when you'd go to renew. Then, around 2000 or so, they stopped doing that, and instead you had to fill out an organ donor card and put a sticker on the face of the license itself. The sticker almost immediately came loose, when you took your license out of your wallet, and was an enormous pain. I finally emailed Texas DPS and asked why they no longer asked at the license bureau, and actually got an answer: people apparently were complaining that they felt "coerced." Just by being asked whether or not they wanted to be a donor.

Now, Texas has gone to a system where they ask if you want to be a donor, and that information is coded into the magnetic strip on the license (but I carry a donor card too, just to be sure). I used to be rather lukewarm with regard to organ donation, and then I read a book called "From Death To Dust" by Kenneth Iserson, that made me a true believer.

The most powerful weapon we have is education. People are woefully ignorant about organ donation. A friend of mine used to swear up and down that "everybody knows" that if you're an organ donor, the paramedics won't really try to save you.

I guess the bottom line is that I think an opt-out system is an excellent idea.
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If you are on Facebook, check out Willow. She is a lovely apricot-and-white domestic shorthair who was born with a deformation of her back legs. It was suggested that she be put down, but she found her way to a very special woman who rescues cats, particularly special-needs or disabled cats. Luna gets mentioned sometimes on Willow's wall, incidentally.

Willow's "mom" crochets all manner of dresses for Willow, to go with the "leggings" that Willow wears to keep her from developing ulcers on her back legs, and not only does Willow tolerate being dressed up, she actually seems to enjoy it. Her photos are adorable.
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I had chicken pox at 6. I developed shingles at age 26. It was two weeks of the most protracted and intense pain I've ever had in my life, and I've had kidney stones, so I've got a pretty high pain threshold.

The idea of sending chicken-pox-infected lollipops through the mail is disgusting on so many levels.
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My current job is in an 11-story building. I've never worked in a building higher than two stories before, and in the past I just took the stairs. So I've never worked before in a building where 1) so many people took the elevators, and 2) so few of them seem to understand that etiquette suggests that you let people get OFF the elevator before you try to get ON.
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I liked my husband's take on it: "Is the world improved by having a Smurfs movie?"

April Winchell, who runs the hilarious site Regretsy, is the daughter of voice actor Paul Winchell.

Trivially yours...
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I've never been to New York City, although there are parts of it I'd very much like to see someday. But I can't understand why people would want to live jammed together so tightly.

(Disclaimer: I was born and raised in a small town in Texas, so any big city feels "crowded" to me.)
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