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Honestly if I had a neighbor like her I would constantly be cooking bacon with a fan to blow it towards her place.If I had neighbors like them I would bring the drinks.
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That bit on abortion was very short sighted. Looking at one year of data after we come off a Presidency that pushed for better education and access to preventative options and saying that is a long term trend is just a tad silly. It also ignores that many other countries are increasing availability of abortions.
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The ISS is 73mx109m, orbits in low Earth orbit range (340km) and appears as a little dot to the naked eye. So how big would something need to be to be readable to the naked eye in LEO? If you wanted park the ad in a geostationary orbit it would need to be out at 35,786km which I am thinking means you would need something REALLY BIG.
I hate the idea but something tells me these guys haven't thought this one through enough.
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