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The ISS is 73mx109m, orbits in low Earth orbit range (340km) and appears as a little dot to the naked eye. So how big would something need to be to be readable to the naked eye in LEO? If you wanted park the ad in a geostationary orbit it would need to be out at 35,786km which I am thinking means you would need something REALLY BIG.
I hate the idea but something tells me these guys haven't thought this one through enough.
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I can recommend this. Things to know are:
- once you leave the entrance to the park (about a mile from the cave) there are only facila-trees so go before you leave.
- There are places to change and shower at the entrance
- You will get wet, there are a couple water crossings prior to the cave and you will swim in the cave
- There are some tight areas to squeeze through but none are longer than about a body width
- You will not be able to take any camera or electronic equipment as previous visitors have damaged the remains by dropping cameras on them so everything is banned
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Well in 2006 the Fed stopped publishing the M1 data because it was no longer a reliable number in the estimation of monetary growth since cash is an ever shrinking part of the number of transactions. At the time the M1 was 1.2 trillion. Estimates are that between 1/2 and 1/3 that number is held outside the US.
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So last year I was in a game reserve in South Africa and the game masters let us get out of the topless jeep to go see the cheetahs. So the game masters told me that the cheetahs see a standing adult as something too large to take down so as long as we stayed standing and grouped together we had very little to worry about. This seemed to check out as the cheetahs really didn't pay any attention to us (we didn't get any closer than about 15 meters). These fools however had a child which looks like a nice size food source and they also turned their backs to the cats.
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"So if we know they’re irrational, why do we cling to these fears?"

- What is 'because they have kept me alive this long so far'?
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"to keep your ice cream from getting that gross layer of freezer burn on top simply slap some cling wrap on the surface before closing up the carton and your ice cream will stay fresher longer!"

I have never once had this issue as I just use the 'eat the ice cream faster' method. :p
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