Those Facehuggers are Back in Alien: Romulus

The seventh movie in the Alien franchise is coming. Alien: Romulus is set between the 1979 movie Alien and the 1986 movie Aliens. A spaceship crew is exploring a derelict space station and finds that there is life aboard, just not any life form they understand. Here, the only people familiar with the alien creatures are the audience, so the crew learns what is going on the hard way. Fede Alvarez directed this film, and takes it back to the gradually unfolding terror of the original movie. He also insisted that the trailer not show too much monster, but what they show us is plenty. We don't know what "Romulus" is, but I suspect it may be the name of the space ship or the abandoned space station. This trailer contains NSFW language. Alien: Romulus was originally slated to go straight to Hulu, but the finished product was judged worthy of a theatrical run, so it will be released in theaters on August 16.

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It's not just you. It's indeed everywhere and it's (been for a while) a major complaint from a lot of people who either really like cinema or make their living writing about it. No one's listening apparently.
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Maybe it's just me, maybe it's because I'm old now but I am really tired of watching movies and tv shows (ex: game of thrones) that look they were shot with only 1 or 2 lamps for lighting. I get it that horror movies like dark sets for the 'atmosphere' but if I have to strain my eyes trying to figure out what I'm seeing instead of just watching the entire show without such distractions then the director defeats the purpose of telling their story. Lighten up, people. Lighten up!
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