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What? Yes, of course I do. It's called selective advantage--survival of the fittest. And if I bought my child an advantage, who are you to put two standing blocks beneath the poor kid? Successful parents raise successful children. If that poor child deserves a boost, he should prove it via IQ score and school performance.
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This is exactly why some (most?) liberals scare the hell out of conservatives. In a meritocracy, we all start at the same line. In a leftwing "justice" society, we all finish on the same line. Natural advantages like intelligence, good looks, social skills, education--count for nothing. We're all just interchangeable cogs in the Socialist machine.
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And what percentage of American women are champion weightlifters? Hmm...? Could it be that 66% of the country being overweight has nothing to do with weightlifting and such OUTLIERS should be disregarded when we talk about the health epidemic?

If women are forced to gain such tremendous amounts of weight as the woman pictured above, to be champion weight lifters, should we perhaps DISCOURAGE champion weight lifting?
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One day, if they're lucky, they'll work at Dairy Queen? Way to set high goals.
I'm also puzzled something that seem to have occurred (maybe she left this detail of her Facebook post): It seems she didn't purchase an ice cream for herself. So is she really healthy and she's trying to associate junk food with trauma? I don't get it.
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Will you look at that? I just exposed a bit of groupthink, and I didn't have to grief anyone. All I did was post a reasoned comment on the difference between trolls and griefers, and then Neatorama's moderator deleted it. Can't have that thought here! Not groupthink! Thought must go!
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I don't see why haircuts are an issue. Women's haircuts, generally, require more time and talent than a men's haircut. Most men just want their hair shorter. There may be the rare pain in the ass--and I used to be one--but now I prefer a hairstyle so simple I can do it myself. There's no way I'd pay the same price as a woman.
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