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This was the case for Mattell's concept toy- "the stand and spin". Focus groups concluded kids were too lazy to stand so the came up with the "sit and spin" instead.
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First failed attempt at a pet snake cage ( before glass was widely available) but unfortunately the less intelligent snakes would starve because the mice that were dropped in simply ran out.
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It was attached to the inside wall of the outhouse and used to hold the sears and roebuck catalogue so that it wouldn't blow out when the door was opened on windy days.
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It part of a set of mid-evil castle climbers in order to gain entry. Yours are missing the other 3 and the leather shoelaces that bound them to the hands and feet.
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This was first used by the phillidelphia parking authority to boot model T 's for unpaid parking tickets. It fell out of use when it was discovered that people where just removing the booted wheel and installing their spare. It did remain around for some time to "boot" horses since their legs were not detachable.
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early model bear trap- it fell out of favor for the "automatic" ones as the user had to lay low and wait for the bear to step in and then clamp down on them. Most of the time the bear snuck up behind the trapper and ate them before the trap could be sprung.
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