Police Detain Drunken Owl

Police officers in Pforzheim, Germany were called Tuesday to investigate an owl that appeared to be sick.
"A woman walking her dog alerted the police after seeing the bird sitting by the side of the road oblivious to passing traffic," Frank Otruba, spokesman for the police in the southwestern city of Pforzheim, told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The Brown Owl didn't appear to be injured and officers quickly concluded that it had had one too many. One of its eyelids was drooping, adding to the general impression of inebriation.

"It wasn't staggering around and we didn't breathalyze it but there were two little bottles of Schapps in the immediate vicinity," said Otruba. "We took it to a local bird expert who has treated alcoholized birds before and she has been giving it lots of water."

The owl will be released when sober. Link -via Arbroath

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In Hawaii, when the mangoes (the size of a softball) became ripe and dropped, they would instantly ferment.

The grackles and mynahs and other birds would go after the fallen fruit and, in the morning, would be found laying about the tree, totally bombed, bleary eyed, and hungover.

It was possible to pick them up, pose them oddly, and generally goof on the birdy drunks.

None were harmed, out of fear of retaliation on our cars...
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I'm not sure whether to take this as a joke or not (tiny bottles od schnapps nearby? Everyone know owls don't pollute!). Either way the idea of a drunken owl is hilarious.
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