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Sour Patch Kids will always be my favorite, though our theater has a knockoff candy whose name escapes me at the moment. Still good and sour but not quite the same.
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'Verbing' is okay in my book, but what I hate is people shortening words to sound hip (like vacay or tots). It just makes them sound vapid.
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That's so sweet. Even though it was painted over, the message is still there c:
Major kudos to Shannon for being able to free hand an almost perfect circle.
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I'm gonna be a broken record and say that the old one was better, but this one was pretty awesome too :D
I'd love to see a behind-the-scenes vid and find out how they do those kinds of sequences.
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With the way new cars are being designed now, I wouldn't be surprised to see cars worse than the Cube hitting the road (which is why I like the older cars.)
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Zero-tolerance policies are beyond idiotic. A kid at my high school was nearly expelled for almost the same thing. He found a tiny plastic gun in his jacket (like the toy soldier one) and a teacher found out.
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I highly doubt a golf ball would 'smoosh' like that. They're made of plastic and cork (and other substances I' too lazy to google.) Those things are built to take a lot of abuse without damage. I suspect it's a rubber ball.
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A very interesting and fitting way to honor the veterans, thanks Miss C.

Taps always makes me cry, especially after it was played at my grandfather's funeral. I got a little misty reading this, heh.
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