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This could be really something!

I know someone who had a double mastectomy as a way to prevent breast cancer. She had one of the cancer genes (I can't remember if it was BRCA-1 or BRCA-2) so the doctors said that her chance of getting breast cancer was 60-80% (compared to the average population, whose chance of getting breast cancer is only around 12%). Her mother and grandmother had both passed away from cancer so this was something she felt she should do to survive.

She also had implants done for her reconstruction. The implants go under the chest muscles and she was disappointed because the implants feel really hard. They just don't have the same kind of softness that natural breasts do. The rigidity might be due to the muscle or maybe the firmness of the gel implant.

I'm not sure how much women know about what to expect after breast reconstruction but I'm glad that scientists are working on a way to help them feel more comfortable and more natural.
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It's a tooth broken off one of those giant robot monsters that terrorize cities from time to time. I've seen actual footage of them--actually animated re-enactments on TV, on Saturday mornings.

Those giant robot monsters have been known to bite the tops off buildings or chew on tanks sent in by the army. Sometimes a tooth breaks off. (Bad news for the monster 'cause it's not usually covered in their dental plan).
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Actually, I'm sick of cooking for my kids. They're way too picky. There's never a time when they both like the same meal that's presented to them.

That's why I'm looking for something like this, but a nutritious "Kiddie Kibble" where I can just pour the stuff in a bowl and say "Dinner's served!".

Imagine how easy and time-saving it would be to throw a 20 lb bag of Kiddie Kibble into your shopping cart, bring it home and pour the stuff into a bowl! It would make dinner time a snap!

I don't mind cooking but if the kids aren't going to appreciate the food anyways, might as well give them some Kiddie Kibble.
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Canadian geese don't play nice. I was at the zoo and one little boy got too close. The goose clamped his beak down on the kid's finger really hard, then pecked the boy's stomach until he fell over backwards. Luckily for the boy, his mother scooped him up before any more damage could be dealt.
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It's a spanking paddle device for really naughty children. There's a hollow cylinder where you put the battery and a metal bolt that sticks through the paddle. When contact is made on the child's bottom, a small electrical charge is emitted, causing extra "shock". The paddle handle is wooden so the paddler doesn't get the electrical shock, only the paddlee. If the child is not so bad, just take the battery out and give a normal thwack to their bottom (sans electricity).

Usually just the sight of this device is enough to improve any child's behavior.

It's one reason why spanking is being outlawed in many places.
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I was at a park with my kids and we saw a completely white squirrel. It was very weird seeing a bright white squirrel chasing a black squirrel up a dark-colored tree. The albino squirrel really stood out. Apparently, this squirrel is well known to the park and has been given a name.
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Don't bail out the corporations, bail out the workers. The government can spend money on programs to get new jobs for those affected by the failing companies.

The leaders of the auto industry have seen this coming for a long time but haven't made enough changes to fix the problem. So what's the surprise? Only now, it's so convenient to ask for hand-outs because that's what the banking industry did.

How long have people wanted more environmentally friendly cars that run on alternative fuels? It's obviously time for change and the failure of these companies will bring tremendous opportunity for growth in new directions. I say, why muddle with the mediocrity and problems of the past when there is finally a chance to start something better.
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