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These are all really interesting to look through, but I haven't run into one that captures the essence of the paintings. There's so much power and/or innocence and the beauty that comes with it portrayed in those paintings, and none of the models manage to catch that. It makes me really appreciate the artists of these paintings.
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I saw the string/rope too but if you wait until the end of the clip you'll see that he's just tied to the bottom of the chair and when he stands up he's pulled a bit by it - but he's doing it to himself and it doesn't look dangerous. I imagine he's just trying to get away from the leash and thinks trying to walk away from it is a good idea :P
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I don't see how empathy can ever be denied in mammals. Mammals take care of their offspring- that requires empathy to some extent, doesn't it?
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Wow, this is sick. No donations to charity, all of the 10m euro goes to a perfectly healthy cat? I'm surprised this is the decision of a 94 year old. It sounds like something a 4 year old would want to do.
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Littlejeans, it doesn't stop at being thin. Not to mention not all people can be thin, no matter how healthy and fit they are.
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I have to disagree with the excerpt. The first picture is just as unattainable for lots of women. I, for example, have a much stronger build and could never be as thin as that no matter how much fat I trim. I personally prefer being stronger, but that's not the point.
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Oh and just to be clear, this man performed in that show when I last watched it. So if you can find that TV channel you might find more information for the video.
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