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Are You Scared Of What’s Outside Your Bedroom?

On a new episode in Watcher’s Are You Scared, Ryan reads another tale from the Internet about an incident that made a police dispatcher quit his profession for good. Do you think that the story is real? 


How Do Small Farms Cope During The Quarantine?

The current pandemic has brought a lot of businesses to a big halt. Some are close to shutting down, while some are still trying to adapt to the current situation. Some small farms send out their products through a new mobile market and are hosting drive-in tours around their farms

Mooney began reaching out to other small farmers and food producers in the area, seeing whether they'd like to be a part of the orchard's new Apple Barn Mobile Market, which pulls together products from various local farms and delivers them directly to customers. “In the beginning we had one person selling their farm's sausage, another selling eggs, and a woman who provided us with beautiful microgreens that she usually sold to restaurants,” says Mooney. The Apple Barn Mobile Market has since grown to a few-dozen products, including fresh goat cheese from nearby Goat Lady Dairy, tomatoes from Twin Oaks Produce, and Liberty Kettle Corn from local purveyor Becky Suphin, who says her sales are up 50 percent from what they would be during the pandemic without the market. It's just one of the innovative ways that Mooney has reworked her property's offerings in the age of COVID-19—others include a socially distant farmers' market, pick-your-own fruit that allows adequate space between participants and a reservation-only “behind-the-scenes” farm tour.
In fact, the Visit NC Farms app, which officially launched in January 2020, had 4,630 downloads in May, up from 726 downloads in March. But as farmers adjust to new COVID-19 rules and restrictions, they're having to find new and innovative ways to attract visitors, whether it's curbside produce pickup, socially-distanced farm stays or even a farm experience drive-through, allowing families to view the production of seasonally changing crops and visit with farm animals—all from the safety of their vehicle.

image via The Smithsonian Magazine


All The World’s Species In One List

It’s the pokedex! Scientists are now planning how to put together a list of all the creatures on Earth. This project seems simple at a glance, but some lists may not cover some species, while some may not follow some principles set by scientists. Currently, there is no agreed-upon list of species available, as ScienceAlert details: 

"Listing all species may sound routine, but is a difficult and complex task," says environmental scientist Stephen Garnett from Charles Darwin University in Australia. "Currently no single, agreed list of species is available."
One factor in the researchers' favour is that the world is connected like never before (as you might have noticed if you've had to take part in more video group calls than normal in recent weeks). Information can be easily shared and assessed across countries and continents in an instant.

image via ScienceAlert


Do Octopuses Think?

We’ve always entertained the idea of animals being able to think like us. A lot of stories, TV shows, and movies have run on the premise that the animals around us can talk and think like we do. That leaves us with the question: do animals really think like us? Scientists have researched this matter, as Orion magazine detailed: 

Not long ago, a question like this would have seemed foolish, if not crazy. How can an octopus know anything, much less form an opinion? Octopuses are, after all, “only” invertebrates — they don’t even belong with the insects, some of whom, like dragonflies and dung beetles, at least seem to show some smarts. Octopuses are classified within the invertebrates in the mollusk family, and many mollusks, like clams, have no brain.
Only recently have scientists accorded chimpanzees, so closely related to humans we can share blood transfusions, the dignity of having a mind. But now, increasingly, researchers who study octopuses are convinced that these boneless, alien animals — creatures whose ancestors diverged from the lineage that would lead to ours roughly 500 to 700 million years ago — have developed intelligence, emotions, and individual personalities. Their findings are challenging our understanding of consciousness itself.

image via wikimedia commons


The Hero Of Goodall Park

An odd incident that occured in Sanford, Maine, started a true-crime mystery. A car went onto a baseball field during a game in 2018. This odd incident was the start of a true-crime mystery that was 50 years in the making. ESPN Senior Writer Tom Junod writes the details surrounding the mystery. Check the full piece here.

image screenshot via ESPN


The World's Strangest Borders

Did you know that Spain has land borders with Morocco? Learn about all the strange borders of Spain in this video, and much more at the RealLifeLore YouTube channel.

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