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Here’s A More Convenient Way To Use Electric Cars

Owning electric cars will now be more convenient. There’s no need for electric vehicle owners to plug their cars into wall outlets. A wireless charger for electric cars will be available in the future, as car manufacturers are readying their systems to be compatible with the chargers that will be released in the future. The Society of Automotive Engineers is  now supported by a lot of automakers and suppliers to develop the universal charging system, as Freep details: 

If you use wireless charging for your phone, you know how quickly having to plug in seems as old-fashioned and laborious as carrying a bucket of well water to your house. People will get used to wireless vehicle charging just as quickly.
“It makes EVs more convenient,” IHSA Markit senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said. “Giving customers more choices will expand the market.”
The system delivers DC current up to 11 kilowatts at the maximum voltage the vehicle can accept over up to 10 inches of space between a pad mounted on the floor to a receiver on the vehicle. Charging efficiency is up to 94%, comparable to wired connections. The SAE is working on higher power levels for future passenger vehicles and heavy-duty applications like mining equipment.

Image via Freep 


There’s No Need To Leave Your Couch For Art Fairs

Art lovers, rejoice! You can now attend art fairs from the comfort of your home! Well, some art fairs, at least. This year’s Miami Art Fair will almost be entirely held online. Virtual showrooms will be made available for viewing, and enthusiasts can zoom in as much as they want on the artworks (yes, no one will stop you from coming closer to an artwork anymore). There are still some exceptions, as Miami Herald details: 

Design Miami/ is bringing a hybrid event to the venue where the fair launched in 2005: the Design District’s Moore building. From Nov. 27 through Dec. 6 the design fair will set up shop inside the building with more than 139 pieces — including 57 works shown as part of the exhibition Podium, which explores the theme “America(s).“ Pieces range from historic artifacts to contemporary ceramics inspired by artist Isaac Scott’s photographs of Black Lives Matter protests in Philadelphia. The Liberty City Roots Collective will screen-print T-shirts on site in partnership with Emmett Moore and 4WorthDoing, and designs from more than 50 contributors including designer Virgil Abloh.

Timed tickets are required for the exhibition and cost $22.50. All works shown within the fair will also be displayed online. But the fair will be complemented by a series of free pop-up shows and satellite exhibitions scattered throughout the 18 blocks that span the open-air neighborhood. Guests will be treated to immersive exhibits including a rooftop lounge designed by Takashi Murakami.

Image via the Miami Herald 


The Sperm Whale, Spotted

Alabama residents got a rare glimpse of one of the world’s largest creatures. The mysterious giant of the gulf, the sperm whale, has graced its presence upon the humans. Just kidding! A sperm whale was spotted in Mobile Bay, Alabama for the very first time. The hype that comes with the rare sight is because there is still a lot that we don’t know about these whales: 

Its scientific name (Physeter macrocephalus) roughly translates to “blower with a huge head,” and it is believed to have the largest brain of any mammal, both in sheer size and in proportion to the rest of its body. Male sperm whales’ heads can make up about a third of their total body length.
Full-grown males average 49 feet in length and historically some have been reported to reach 66 feet or more in length, though scientists believe sperm whales that large are rare. Females average around 35 feet, roughly the size of the whale that stranded in Mobile Bay.
There is a population that seems to live exclusively in the Gulf of Mexico, though its size is largely unknown. 

Image via Al.com


The Most Expensive Family Feud In History

No, this isn’t the game show. It’s an actual family feud. A divorce battle over a whopping £453m fortune will be discussed over in a London court. Tatiana Akhmedova will accuse her ex-husband, Farkhad Akhmedov, an oligarch and ally of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and their son Temur Akhmedov of hiding hundreds of millions in assets just to not give her the settlement awarded by the high court in 2016. For perspective, the things that are included in the fortune are several luxury mansions, a superyacht, a helicopter, a private jet, and an art collection:  

Akhmedova alleges that her Azerbaijani-born Russian husband transferred cash and assets to their son in order to avoid paying her the money. They deny the claims and say she was aware of the father-to-son gifts, which included a £30m apartment in One Hyde Park, the exclusive London development, at the time. On Monday she will take her son to the high court accusing him of acting “as his father’s lieutenant” in a scheme to hide the fortune.
In her quest to uncover the award Akhmedova has in the past two weeks won court orders to raid her son’s luxury apartment in the opulent Knightsbridge development to search for evidence, and to force Google to hand over the contents of his emails.
Speaking publicly for the first time her son, Temur, 27, said that no matter what happens in court he would “never be reconciled with her” because “her outrageous, revengeful behaviour” has destroyed their once close relationship.
Temur said of the 10-hour search of his apartment: “I sent her [his mother] a text [during the raid] I said ‘why the fuck are you doing this?’”
The search of flat and associated wine cellar led to the seizure of 58 devices, 47 of which were said to belong to Temur. He said the devices included four Xboxes and a PlayStation console.

Image via the Guardian 


This Trick Can Make Your Coffee Less Bitter

If you want the energy boost that coffee gives you without the bitter taste, a simple trick might just help you in that endeavor. Sprinkle in some salt. Okay, okay, before you all come at me for this trick, it has scientific backing. A 1997 study found that ‘salt was more effective in decreasing the awareness of the bitter compound than the sweet sugar solution.’ Adding a grain  or two of salt in your coffee can suppress the taste receptors in our tongue that alert our brain to its bitterness: 

“Our ability to taste has an association with our survival as a species: bitter signals that something is likely poisonous and we are averse to too much of it,” she says. “The thought is that salt binds to the taste receptors and blocks the bitter compounds from binding to the bitter taste receptors.” Suppressing that signal also allows you to better taste and enjoy the other flavors associated with coffee.
When you’re using salt in your coffee to block out the bitterness, the key is finding the right balance for your palate. Bryson Jackson says you can do this by starting small and working your way up. Start by adding a little salt into your cup, stirring it, then tasting. If the bitterness isn’t quite gone, continue the process until it fades. Or, take your kitchen science experiment to the next level.

Image via wikimedia commons


It’s Okay To Not Finish A Video Game

It is said that if you want to get your money’s worth for the video game that you bought, you have to, at the very least, finish the game. But for Kellen Beck, it’s okay to not finish a game. Beck from Mashable writes:

Even if you like it, even if you really want to finish it, it’s OK that you haven’t. It doesn’t make you a failure.
Video games are meant to be entertainment. If a game doesn’t suit your mood, drop it and try again another time. If a game is too difficult, give it a rest for a week, a month, or even a year. If a game bores you, drop it forever.
If you finish one, great! If you get halfway through, or even 90 percent of the way there and stop, also great! Chance are you paid for it, and it’s your choice to do whatever you want with it.

And to that sentiment, I agree. But how about you?

(Image Credit: TheXomil/ Pixabay)


This Instant Ramen Has 40 Billion Lactic Acid

There has been much debate whether instant ramen is healthy or not. But it doesn’t matter which side you are on in that debate when it comes to this ramen; you’ll still agree that this particular one is healthy. A bowl of this Kimchi Ramen by Meisei has 40 billion lactic acid bacteria, which is the equivalent amount of bacteria to 40 cups of yogurt, or a bottle of Yakult 400. One of the staff from SoraNews 24, P.K Sanjun, decided to try this ramen.

P.K. was intrigued at what such a bacteria-ridden ramen might taste like, so he happily paid the 230 yen (US$2.20) price of admission and started boiling some water. The contents were underwhelmingly similar to a regular instant noodle kit with dried noodles, toppings, and sauces. No pulsating packages of 40 billion bacteria, or anything to even suggest such.
Even while eating, there was nothing outstandingly different about this ramen. It was tasty, but well in the neighborhood of other instant ramens. P.K. had thought that for sure the lactic acid bacteria would have given it a milkier taste or texture, but nothing out of the ordinary could be detected.

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: SoraNews24)


Should You Take Vitamin D In Lockdown?

Lockdowns are still implemented in various places across the world. If you’re someone who lives in one of those places, then it probably means that you have plenty of time indoors these past months, and this probably means that you’re not getting the same amount of Vitamin D that your body makes when you get sunlight.

Not only is this a problem because a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children, and bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults, according to the NHS… 

With that in mind, should you begin to take vitamin D supplements? Public Health England (PHE) would say yes.

Public Health England (PHE) has issued guidance in which it encouraged the public to consider taking vitamin D supplements. It says: “It's important to take vitamin D as you may have been indoors more than usual this year. "

Learn more about Vitamin D and how essential it is to the body over at Independent.

(Image Credit: Pixabay)


Rare Whale Skeleton Discovered In Thailand

A rare whale skeleton was discovered earlier this month some 12 kilometers (about 7.46 miles) from the coast just to the west of Bangkok. The skeleton, which is 12 meters (about 39.4 feet) long, is believed to be about 3,000-5,000 years old. Surprisingly, the whale skeleton is almost perfectly preserved.

Experts hope the find might provide "a window into the past," especially for research on sea levels and biodiversity.
The partially fossilised bones are "a rare find," mammal researcher Marcus Chua of the National University of Singapore told the BBC.
"There are few whale subfossils in Asia," he said, and even fewer ones are "in such good condition".
Pictures shared by Thailand's environment minister Varawut Silpa-archa show the bones apparently almost entirely intact.
Mr Chua says the discovery will allow researchers to find out more about the particular species in the past, whether there were any differences compared to today's Bryde's whales.


(Image Credit: Top Varawut/ Facebook)


Meet The Hospital Employee Tasked To Say Hi To Everyone

Meet Shiloh. Of all the staff that work on the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, Shiloh probably has the most tiresome one. As a “Justice Volunteer”, Shiloh’s job is to greet, as well as check up on everyone. In return for doing his wonderful job, Shiloh gets to have “free treats for life, room & board, meal plan, grooming, and unlimited cuddles and smiles from health workers” at the hospital.

“It’s SO good for mental health of patients & staff. It’s a wonder more hospitals don’t have them,” a user commented. “Whatever he’s being paid, it isn’t nearly enough. That is some seriously valuable work!” another user added. “12/10 would promote immediately,” another one commented.

Now that’s a really tough job.

(Image Credit: ShariDunawayMD/ Bored Panda)


Hats for Sea Urchins

In the front is an urchin with a fedora at a rakish tilt. Bringing up the rear is a friend wearing a pork pie hat. It's trendy among aquarists (people who maintain aquaria) to dress up sea urchins as fashionable dandies. All that's necessary to look right is a 3D printed hat (although you may need additional clothing before going on outside). Sea urchins habitually cover themselves with objects to protect themselves from predators and excess light, so they'll gladly take the hats.

One hobbyist named riosouza describes his own 3D printed urchin hats:

After seen my sea urchins carrying snail shells, rocks on their back I decide to read more about it.
Studies reviewed the possible reasons would be to protect themselves against predators and/or full-spectrum light source, mainly against UV rays.
Then I decided to do a quick design for a 3d printed hat, and for my surprise they absolutely love it.
Since I replace the rocks and shells from their back with the hats, they never let it go, and I was astonished to see they moving the hats towards the light source. Which leads me to the conclusion they certainly use it against excessive UV rays.

-via My Modern Met | Photo: /u/VanillaBean5813

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