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Urban Farming: How To Make The Most Out Of It

It's not a novel concept. Backyard farms and urban agriculture has been around since the dawn of civilization but whether it's beneficial to society and the environment is still up in the air. Research suggests that city farms have not improved hunger incidence or the environment. So should we simply do away with it?

Today, urban farming is widely practiced in the developing world, mostly by low income, food insecure urban residents. In some places, up to 70% of urban residents supplement their food supply with some form of agricultural.
Given the poor transportation in many developing countries, an agricultural side hustle allows access to fresh, nutritious foods that low-income urban residents could otherwise never afford. Surplus can be sold, providing critical income.

Beyond subsistence farming, there isn't much prospects for scaling up city farms. However, they can be maximized by using green roofs. Setting up farms on roofs may be the best way to utilize these small urban farms.

(Image credit: Piush Dahal/Flickr)


Microscopic Mites Are Feasting on Our Skin

They are not necessarily eating our skin rather they feed on the greasy oil, sebum, that our skin secretes. These little critters are called face mites and they burrow underneath our pores waiting for the right time to gorge on a buffet of sebum.

Sebum is produced by glands tucked inside your pores, near the bottom of your hair follicles; Demodex mites seek out this greasy meal ticket by burrowing face-first into those pores, where they sleep by day. 
At night, when you're asleep, they crawl onto the surface of your skin to mate. That's right — there's a nightly mite party on your face, and you're not invited.

Scientists say we have nothing to worry about though as these mites have not elicited any harmful response or allergic reaction from humans. It's probably just good to know that they exist and our face is full of them.

(Image credit: Joel Mills/Wikimedia Commons)


Office Temperatures Can Affect Productivity

Different strokes for different folks, so the saying goes. The study mentioned in this article regarding the correlation between cognitive performance and environmental factors shows that women generally perform better in higher temperatures than men. Moreover, it is a steep gap.

However, that doesn't mean that it applies to everyone. Some people would much prefer working in a slightly cooler environment while others get their gears going in a slightly warmer one. It depends on how our bodies react to these environmental factors.

For one, temperature is not the only variable that would affect performance. Lighting, humidity, noise, and even congestion could affect our work habits and productivity. What we can take away from this is that business managers need to be aware of the different concerns that might be affecting their employees in order to improve their productivity at work.

(Image credit: Campaign Creators/Unsplash)


A Bar in Tokyo Offers a Pool Full of Cherry Blossom Petals

The cherry blossom has been an important symbol in Japan. Because of this, the Japanese hold the cherry blossom trees in high regard, and they don’t want you breaking off branches of the said trees. Unfortunately, tourists still do this up to this day, and this action angers the locals. Thankfully, there is a way for you to enjoy and immortalise the cherry blossom season without angering anyone.

If you don’t want to anger locals with questionable actions such as this, a place you’re guaranteed to get a winning pic is the Sakura Chill Bar, located in the stylish Minami-Aoyama, an upmarket district in Tokyo.
The bar contains a pool filled with 1.2 million imitation cherry blossom petals as a photo spot. The aesthetic is further compounded by a large tree with artfully draping branches over the pool. You can get in with your companions and take pictures fully immersed in the spirit of spring.

I’d definitely go in there. How about you?

(Image Credit: PR Times)


JOHN WICK: The Best Modern New York Movies

I'm marathoning them this weekend. Ch.3 Baby!



Any Tarrentino film always gets me excited.


The 2019 Spiel des Jahres Finalists

For hobby gamers and board game enthusiasts out there, the Spiel des Jahres has announced their nominees for the award in three categories: Spiel des Jahres, Kennerspiel des Jahres, and Kinderspiel des Jahres.

This year, the jury of German critics went with light, easy-to-teach games for the family-friendly "Spiel des Jahres" award. Just One and Werwörter (Werewords in English) are word-based party games, while L.A.M.A. is a card-shedding game from design legend Reiner Knizia. All three play in under 20 minutes (!).

For the list of games in other categories, you may check them out on the Spiel des Jahres website.

(Image credit: Spiel des Jahres)


Portland: The Home of Knives

Portland, Oregon is known as the knife-making capital. Other states produce fine knives but you can only find some of the most renowned custom-designed knives in Portland. To give you an inkling on Portland's knives, these three blades are what gave it such a moniker.

(Image credit: Wu Yi/Unsplash)


Basset Hound Mom Protects Pups from Grandpa! Very Precious!

Don't ever mess with a basset mom.


Angus gets his human back

For all the basset lovers out there.

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