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Das Fone Hell

Even movie stars are looking for something to do during quarantine. Sam Neill and Helena Bonham Carter made a short film on two different continents. Bonham Carter plays Sam's phone, and she is not happy. -via Laughing Squid


The Latest on Indiana Jones 5

Raiders of the Lost Ark came out almost 40 years ago. Harrison Ford, who played Indiana Jones, will soon be 78 years old. Yet Indiana Jones is getting another movie, starring Ford. Steven Spielberg, however, is stepping back from directing. Producer Frank Marshall lets us in on how the production is going.  

Currently scheduled to be released by Disney in 2022, Indy 5 originally had Steven Spielberg returning to direct Ford. Since then, we’ve learned that Spielberg has stepped away to allow James Mangold (Logan) to take over directorial duties, the first time anyone other than Spielberg has directed an Indy film. Marshall explained why Mangold was the ideal choice to take over for Spielberg: “His love of the franchise. He’s a wonderful filmmaker. I think he also has a relationship with Harrison. It was all of the right pieces coming together, at the right time.” I must agree with Mr. Marshall — I think Mangold is an expert at twisting old-fashioned genres and tropes with just enough postmodern intrigue to result in comforting yet challenging Hollywood movies. And for those who are still worried about Spielberg’s exit, fear not: “Steven is staying on as a producer, so we’ve got the best of everything.”

What will it be about? No one knows, as they've just started writing the story. Read more about Indiana Jones 5 at Collider. -via Uproxx


Homeowners Let Passersby and Strangers on the Internet Choose Their House Paint Color

Which do you suggest? Scan the QR code to open the Google Form that lets you rank the colors. I voted for Blessed Blue, which is #4. If you live in Portland, Oregon, which is where redditor USMCFoto took the picture, you can also visit to get a closer look.

This method could also be used with other decisions, such as hiring decisions for employers or baby names for parents.

-via Twisted Sifter


Karin Pfeiff-Boschek: The Genius of Pie Art

Is piemaking an art form? If you have any doubt, then peruse the Instagram feed of Karin Pfeiff-Boschek, in whose body of work that art has reached its zenith. By masterful control of pastry dough and sliced fruits, she creates superlative sculptures that belong in a museum and my belly.

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An Honest Trailer for Friends

People all over have been binge-watching Friends during isolation, either because they always meant to see it or they haven't seen it in so long they barely recall it. The show ran for ten seasons, with a total of 236 episodes. While the adventures of six friends in New York was not at all realistic, it was funny. And the editor who cut this Honest Trailer for it should get some kind of award.


Australian Man in Quarantine Builds Giant Singing Kookaburra

We've all got to stay busy and creative, right? For some of us, that means baking bread and assembling jigsaw puzzles. For Farvardin Daliri of Townsville, Australia, that's not ambitious enough. His crafting project is a giant singing kookaburra bird model. It's 28 feet long and 15 feet tall.

Recently, Daliri has hauled the loud, singing bird around town to amuse his neighbors. They're no strangers to his work, as it's not his first giant animal sculpture project. ABC News reports:

"I started in Tasmania and then worked my way up to Townsville for the past 30 years, where I founded the Townsville Cultural Festival," he said.
He has created other sculptures over the years, including a giant koala.
"We've also made the Jolly Swagman, Slim Dusty and other icons ,but we decided as we need tourism after COVID-19 that I might as well build it in Brisbane and drive it up the coast," Dr Daliri said.

-via Marilyn Terrell | Photo: Farvardin Daliri


Two Alligators Fight In The Middle of A Golf Course

South Carolina — Last week, Matthew Proffitt was playing golf with his friends at the Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville, when they spotted two alligators duking it out on the 18th hole. The alligators were said to have fought for two hours.

One of the animals is spotted chomping on the arm of the other alligator. That animal responds by biting the head of its attacker. The two were then locked in that position for almost the entire brawl. Neither one would let the other go, the video shows.
Alligators are common in the area, but Profitt had not seen one on the course until that moment.
The course's post on Facebook included the warning, 'Sudden death playoff on the 18 yesterday! Keep your eyes open out there, the course is full of wildlife!'

Unfortunately, the video does not show the whole fight.

I wonder what they fought about.

What do you think?

Via DailyMail

(Image Credit: Matthew Proffitt via Storyful/ DailyMail)


This Remote-Controlled Jumbo Jet Looks Deceptively Heavy

Check out this video of Remi Mormino’s 1/26th scale Airbus A-380 captured by RC Media World. Despite it looking deceptively heavy because of its wide wingspan and size, the remote-controlled jet actually only weighs 6.6 pounds (3 kilograms). Mormino skillfully navigates the plane and manages to execute a smooth landing, which was met by applause from the bystanders.

The full specs of the remote-controlled jet can be found in the video’s description.


Via The Awesomer

(Video Credit: RC MEDIA WORLD/ YouTube)


Bees Can Make Plants Flower Earlier Than Expected

When bumble bees realize that they are short of pollen, they make the tomato plants flower earlier (sometimes as much as a month) than they would normally do, by biting off the leaves of the said plant. When the researchers attempted to do the same, however, they failed to replicate the results, which suggests that “there is a distinct characteristic to the bees’ biting that stimulates flowers”.

While the bees managed to make the plants flower 30 days earlier, scientists only managed to make them flower five days earlier than they would otherwise.
“We really tried to replicate with the best of our ability,” Prof Consuelo De Moraes, from ETH Zurich, the public research university in Switzerland which conducted the research, told the BBC.
“It's possible that the bees also have some cue that they are providing to the plants that is specific to the bee. And that could be secretions that we don't know about but it's something that we plan to investigate.”

I guess this just goes to show how important bees are on our planet.

More details about this study over at Independent.

(Image Credit: Pixabay)


Artists Reimagine Sailor Moon And Post Their Artworks On Twitter

With the upcoming Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Eternal film, fans of the classic anime are redrawing the face of the main protagonist, Usagi Tsukino (also known as “Serena Tsukino” in some adaptations), in their own style. They have been posting their artwork on social media, along with the hashtag #SailorMoonRedraw.

It all started with this screenshot.
The screenshot in particular is from episode 36 of Sailor Moon S and features the titular character staring in betrayal at another character from the ground.
And although redrawing Sailor Moon characters isn't a new trend, #SailorMoonRedraw suddenly boomed in popularity within the past month.

Check out the various redraws of Sailor Moon over at Mashable.

Which one is your favorite?

(Image Credit: @mushymushhh/ Twitter)

(Image Credit: pikat/ Twitter)


Free Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Raymond For Everybody!

If you’ve seen the Animal Crossing: New Horizons hype train on any social media platform, then you’ve probably seen the undying fervor towards one villager in particular: Raymond. Raymond is a ‘smug cat villager’, who players can invite to live on their island either by spending a lot of time and effort looking for him in the game, or through the dark depths of a discord server. The enthusiasm for getting Raymond on the players’ island got to the point of something darker. PokéNinja felt that the fervor around the villager was wrong, so he hatched a plan to give Raymond to anyone who asks for him, as Polygon detailed: 

“When you’re a father and you see certain things happening,” PokéNinja told Polygon in a private Twitter message, “It hits a little differently sometimes.”
While New Horizons has broken into the mainstream, it also holds a unique appeal to children, who love its cast of bright and quirky animal friends. And with a growing economy where virtual items are being sold for actual tender, the temptation to buy whatever you covet is a constant one — especially when the alternative is spending dozens of hours grinding Mystery Island visits for a tiny chance of getting the villager you want.
“I kind of envision these kids begging their parents for the most popular villager in the game, and I know there are many parents (especially now) that simply can’t afford to do that,” PokéNinja mused.
And so the content creator hatched a plan. Using a save editor running a hacked version of the game, PokéNinja decided to just ... materialize as many Raymonds as he could. While it’s not possible to import the feline via the use of amiibo, there are no such restrictions in a save editor, which allows you to generate anything that’s in the game. He then put out a call on social media, letting people know that if they wanted Raymond, they could have him.
No catch. No need to follow or share the message announcing the giveaway. No bells or Nook Miles Ticket required. If you expressed interest and had an empty lot for him, Raymond could be yours.

He’s a real hero! I wonder if he still gives away Raymond? I haven’t found Raymond in my mystery island visits in the game. 

image via Polygon

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