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What Do Zombies Really Eat?

A closer reading of the literature proves the menu...  ...g of the literature proves the menu for your next zombie gathering is more complicated than just "brains."...  ...he goddess of love and war, threatens to start a zombie apocalypse: raising the dead to eat the living.... the living. It’s th...
Tiny Hamster is a Zombie!

In the latest adventures of Tiny Hamster, several...  ...resurrected from the dead by a mad scientist. The zombie hamsters crawl out of their graves and go on a ra...
Zombies and Inverse Zombies

The following is an article from The Annals of Imp...  ...ription now for only $25 a year!Classics from the zombie and inverse zombie research literatureCompiled by Alice S. Kaswell,...  ...s an ethnopharmacological basis for the notorious zombies , the living dead of folklore....
Every Zombie Apocalypse

The U.S. military is the world’s premiere fi...  ...allies. That’s a necessary plot hole in any zombie apocalypse story. It’s like killing off a c...  ...are the heroes who actually save the world from a zombie
Zombie Infections: Epidemiology, Treatment, and Prevention

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) has posted their... posted their annual Christmas research paper: " Zombie infections: epidemiology, treatment, and preventi...  ...ention." It is an exhaustive study of the current zombie outbreak, with plenty of references. The Solanum...  ...xtensively studied infectio...
Archaeologists Find Ancient Greek Zombie Graves

(Image: D. Weiss)What do you do if the dead won't stay dead? Greek settlers in the colony of Kamarina in Sicily may have addressed that problem in two graves uncovered by archaeologists in the 1980s. The bodies were weig...
Night of the Living Dead and Other Zombie Bits

Want to know something about zombies ? First, let's tackle the movie that made them a h...  ...8-year-old George A. Romero, changed the image of zombies in popular culture from enslaved workers of Carib...  ...$30 million worldwide. The actors who played the zombies were friends...
Cats vs Zombies

Who will take charge after the zombie apocalypse? Who has the skills to save us from th...  ...pocalypse? Who has the skills to save us from the zombie hoard? Why, it’s the internet’s favor...  ...h a mad plan to save the world from the dangerous zombies

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