Every Zombie Apocalypse

The U.S. military is the world’s premiere fighting force, but only in real life. They are no match for the undead. Not even when they team up with NATO or another group of allies. That’s a necessary plot hole in any zombie apocalypse story. It’s like killing off a child protagonist’s parents, because otherwise they’d be protecting the child and preventing dangerous adventures. One of these days, someone is going to produce a film in which military strategists are the heroes who actually save the world from a zombie infection. That would be cool. This is the latest from John McNamee at Pie Comic.

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I've complained about that plot hole myself a few times. Another big one is local police/militia/vigilantes. That is to say, when people start turning in a town/village/city and moving around out in the open acting in a manner that is clearly A) not normal and B) hostile toward other humans, there will be folks that will deal with that very obvious threat in the same way that they would deal with a pack of rabid bears running amok in the area. When the first few zombies become obvious, they'll be put down, long before they have a chance of turning more than a tiny portion of the local population, I would suspect.

Basically, the local police/militia/vigilantes are the slightly better equipped, better fed, and more numerous version of the rag-tag band of wanderers. The only downside to their activities will be the inevitable collateral damage of killing more people than have actually turned. In effect, they'd be more than 100% effective: they'd kill all of the zombies and several non-infected that they suspect might be infected. And once they start they will most likely remain in place for years after all of the infected are wiped out, so any new cases that appear will be dealt with even faster than the first set.
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