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Paint on a Drum

The Slow Mo Guys come up with some odd ideas, but...  ...uo;t have to make sense in the real wold. Would a drummer put powdered paint on drum heads? Maybe, if it would make the show more inte...  ...(YouTube link)They go on to try variations, like drumming from underneath and u...
Amazing Street Drummer Uses Trash to Make Music

[](Vide...  .../watch?v=6rqqKUYlmkA](Video Link)Dario Rossi is a drummer from Italy. He bills himself as the Techno Street...  ...from Italy. He bills himself as the Techno Street Drummer because he plays techno music at a furious pace o...  ...streets as a busker.Rossi...
Full Body Drum Kit

Yamaha is popularly known for producing two types...  ...the Raijin, which means "God of Thunder." It's a drum kit that wraps completely around the drummer 's body. Rain Noe of Core77 points out that it loo...  ...=NxrjkXzjIA0](Video Link)Here's a video showing a drummer rele...
Toolbox Drumming Is a Handyman's Song

[](Video Link)The toolbo...  ...s also a great way to make music. The group Alpin Drums demonstrates this. While dressed in stereotypical...
Water Drumming

Wanna play the drum but don't got no, well, actual drums ? That's not a problem for the women of the Baka p... As long as they've got the river, they've got drums : [] Water drumming - via metafilte...
The Drum Light

New Zealand design studio 326 created a lamp out o...  ...Zealand design studio 326 created a lamp out of a drum on a stand. To turn it on and off, all you have t...  ...e to do is tap on it: drum -light.html (with video clip) - via Notcot
Silent Drum

(YouTube Link) Computer musician Jaime Oliver...  ...Link) Computer musician Jaime Oliver's Silent Drum project uses the membrane of a drum head to create unusual sounds. The membrane itse...
13-Year-Old Kid Drummer Kicks Butt Playing Rush YYZ

Here's your next rock star: Meet Sara, a 13-year-o...  ...-old kid who kicks butt playing Rush's YYZ on the drums , complete with stick twirling theatrics and such....  ...ere's Sara (11yo), playing Rush's Freewill on the drums and singing too!
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