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Learn to Play Cat

In the newest episode of Simon's Cat Logic, Simon Tofield and Nicky Treverrow talks ab...  ...Simon Tofield and Nicky Treverrow talks about how cats play, and the best ways for us to play with them.... how to train kittens in recognizing the proper toys .[
A Cat Maze Made of 50 Boxes

Chris Pool made a maze for his cats Cole and Marmalade. Lucky cats ! This is a project so simple anyone can do it. An...  ...e anyone can do it. And if you have more than one cat , the floor show that ensues will be worth the eff...
The Cat Ark

Look at this homemade cardboard cat castle! Just look at it! It's got rooms, stairs,...  ...s://] (YouTube link)Dinni the cat loves his new digs! Sam and Natalia, together cal...  ...t, have closeup photos and more details about the Cat
Jenkins’ Cat Fort

Jack Shepherd wanted to make a nice play fort for...  ...Shepherd wanted to make a nice play fort for his cat , Jenkins. He ended up building “The World&r...  ...p building “The World’s Most Glorious Cat Fort” complete with two stories, towers, wi...  ...t, plus more pictures of Jenkins e...
DIY Cat Maze Toy

Your cat would love to have a toy like this, with which he can use his agility and...  ...ength and makes the game more challenging for the cat . The tutorial is at If your cat is like mine and would just pull the ball up with......
TARDIS Cat Condo

Etsy seller MonksHomefurnishings is a furniture bu...  ...hings is a furniture builder who made this TARDIS Cat Condo for a friend who loves cats and Doctor Who. Figuring that there are other peo...  .... The TARDIS is 47 inches high and contains three cat platforms and opening...
Cooky and Her Sheep...

[] (YouTube link)Cooky...  ...p://] (YouTube link)Cooky the cat has a sheep toy that "talks," so she talks back to it. After all,...
Cats vs. Boxing Robot

[] (YouTube link)Imagin...  ...ill punch you over and over! You cannot defeat me! Cat
The Tower of Rufus...

[] (YouTube link)Billy... Browne made this awesome climbing maze for his cat Rufus, to make him feel better after an ear infec...  ...ter after an ear infection. Rufus is a very lucky cat . -via Buzzfeed
The Cat Tunnel Couch

Well, we know who rules the roost in this hous...  ...l, we know who rules the roost in this house! The Cat Tunnel Couch by Korean designer Seungji Mun is pe...

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