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Non-Americans Label the US States

For Thanksgiving, Buzzfeed traditionally asks the...  ...its UK office to try labeling a map of the United States with the state names, with often funny results. B...  ...people who thought they knew something about the US , and they do, but the sheer number of states can become...
The Smallest Town in Each of the 50 States

Compiling a list of the smallest towns can be prob...  ...l Park.Read the stories of tiny towns in 48 other states at Mental Floss. (Image credit: Flickr user Scott Drzyzga)
Every State in the US

When you see a list of trivia about the states , you are sure to hear about the most famous facts...  ...dover productions has some facts about all the 50 states , but these are not the facts you've heard before....
How All 50 State Capitals Got Their Names...

It doesn’t matter so much that the 50 cities...  ...igins contains some interesting stories. However, using state capitals gives every American a connection...
Pick the Real U.S. States

This quiz from mental_floss is driving me nuts. It...  ...o;s a simple concept: just recognize all the U.S. states by their names. Easy, huh? But the names are scat...  ...names are scattered among words that are not U.S. states . Some are cities, some are places in other countr...
How Well Do You Actually Know The US States?

I cannot resist a good geography quiz, even when I... Buzzfeed that tests your knowledge of the U.S. states , as in where they are. There are two modes of pla...  ...lose and miss the state. Try it yourself, and let us
The Most and Least Expensive States to Live In

When my last radio job ended, I contemplated movin...  ...personal income and living costs among cities and states , and the results are in this “price parity&...
The Most Normal States In America

They've crunched the numbers to find which states are the most average in the U.S. The word “...  ...rage Americans and compared them to statistics of states to find the closest match in things like income,... you, but there’s also the top 11 average states ,...
State of the Pun...

[] With a taglin...  ...his two-minute performance featuring the the U.S. states
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