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Star Wars Lego AT-ST Walker Destroyed

Remember the scene in Return of the Jedi where the...  ...the Jedi where the Ewoks aimed two logs at an AT- ST Walker and obliterated it? These guys recreated t...
An Adorably Romantic Star Wars Music Box

[](Vide...  ...a, makes delightful mashup sculptures, paintings, stuffed animals--just about every artistic medium--of Star Wars.This piece is a functional music box called...  .... They've just attended an "Enchantment Under The Stars...
For Sale: 16 Foot Tall AT-ST

The eBay seller calls the AT- ST "life size." But the Geekologie writer, who is a...  ...a rigorous researcher, points out that a real AT- ST is 28 feet tall. Still , it's potentially useful and worth visiting, sinc...
Steampunk AT-ST

You may remember Captain Bayley's Infernal Mechano...  ...chines. This is the Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod, a steampunk
Steampunk AT-ST Desk Lamp

Gozdom's desk lamp looks sturdy , but remember that Ewoks destroyed them with just...  ...e writes:The configuration follows that of the AT- ST scout walker, and the head resembles the boiler o...  ...ut walker, and the head resembles the boiler of a steam locomotive. The thorax...
Mini AT-ST Popsicle Stick Model

You've always wanted an AT- ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) from The Empire Strikes Back, and now you can make your own with just a f...  ...ow you can make your own with just a few popsicle sticks ! Instructables member popsicle_mini-models takes... popsicle_mini-mod...
Homemade AT-ST

How well does it work? Probably as durable against...  ...tack as the real thing. And it was cheap! This AT- ST painted by Scott J. Dupree was built with nothing...  ...Scott J. Dupree was built with nothing more than stuff already in the garage.Artist's Website -via Distr... the garage.Artist's Website -...
AT-ST Playhouse Will Help This Cat Catch Ewoks

This lucky cat, once he's done dispatching the rebel scum, will hunt fresh, juicy Ewoks. His human, YouTube user kjsviewer, made an All Terrain Scout Transport vehicle for him.Video Link -via Technabob...
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