24 Animals (That Aren't Dogs) In Costumes

These days, dog costumes are pretty common and while there are certainly some mind-blowingly great ones out there, it’s always refreshing to see other animals out there showing off their Halloween spirit. Here are some of the cutest cats, horses, guinea pigs and more all decked out in fabulous costumes.

Call Me Heisenpuss

George the Cat is always getting into fashion adventures on his Instagram, but while they’re all pretty adorable (I’m a big fan of his Iron Cat costume), this Meowter White costume is by far his most popular image.

Stay Fluft

There’s something you should know about us Neatorama writers. We love pretty much anything cute dressed up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, and this fluffy kitten is no exception. While I can’t tell you where this picture originally came from, I can tell you that we’re happy to give him a home here.

My Name Is Cat Bus

Doesn’t Yun Yun look thrilled to get to dress up as the cat bus from My Name is Totoro? No? Well, at least she looks cute. Her mother, Betty of Sweet ipomea, made the creation just for Yun Yun, but the cat looks a lot happier when dressed as Totoro with nothing more than a leaf on her head and an umbrella beside her.

Arrrrr Mi Cutey

The world was only recently introduced to Sir Stuffington, but this one-eyed pirate kitten already captured the heart of millions. By the way, while you can’t buy Stuffington’s pirate gear, you can buy prints of the little cutie to adorn your walls. Best of all, the proceeds go to an animal rescue.

Live Long and Play With Mice

There’s just something about sphinx cats that make them perfect Vulcans. And with his black head markings and blue shirt, Cute Overload reader Cyndi E’s little one looks just like Spock.

He is Not Expendable

I hope they don’t do anything too exciting this Halloween because I’d hate for anything to happen to this absolutely precious little red shirt. These two trekies were submitted to Cute Overload by reader Smedley.

I Want to Suck Your Cute

If your hedgie is a little darker though, perhaps he’d prefer to go as Count Dracula. If so, Etsy seller cozyhedgiebags has you covered with this costume as well.

Someone’s Ready for the Sock Hop

A poodle skirt for a hedgie? Why not?

And, if you happen to own your own hedgehog that’s dying for a cute Halloween costume, head over to Etsy seller cozyhedgiebags’ shop to get your hands on this precious little skirt.


Ferrets are pretty darn cute in costumes, if only for their adorably long bodies. Of course, even if it’s just their face in costume, they’re still pretty precious as evidence by this little cutie captured by Instagram user makin.

Chinchilla Bug

When it comes to costumes for small critters, it’s hard to beat the great selection of cuteness offered by LaMarmotaCafe. While they feature costumes for all kinds of little guys, as a proud chinchilla owner, I am most impressed by this cute lady bug costume –if only because they managed to find a chinchilla that was ok with wearing this adorable outfit. If you prefer geeky pet costumes, they also offer a Batman and Captain America chinchilla costume as well.

Hamster Dog

This little hamster is so cute in his corduroy hot dog costume that I just want to nibble on his little arm the same way you do to a tiny baby. Like the chinchilla costume above, this one was created by LaMarmotaCafe.

The Cutest Musketeer

As far as small animals go, guinea pigs are certainly the most open to getting dressed up, which is why it makes sense that LaMarmotaCafe has more guinea pig costumes than anything else. While their dinosaur, superhero, ghost and knight costumes are all pretty great, it’s hard to beat this three musketeers costume which provides the little cavy with both a fantastic hat and a fashionable cape.

Sir Cavy, Knight of Cutealia

To be fair, you’ve almost certainly seen this guinea pig armor because it was posted just about everywhere back in June. Even so, it’s hard to beat the amazing level of cuteness this cavy knight demonstrates –plus, it’s certainly one of the most impressive critter costumes ever made because it is actual quality mail armor.

Guinea Thor

He’s one of Earth’s mightiest and tiniest heroes. DeviantArt user DeSSyng made this epic Thor costume for his little guinea pig and the result is a superhero that will make you surrender to his incredible levels of cute.

Nick Furry

You knew someone had to help organize the Avengepigs, but you might not know that he is a cat with an attitude named Nick Furry. This delightful kitty costume was created by DeviantArt user MigraineSky.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superbunny!

Bunnies make super pets, but how is your bunny going to know you feel that way unless you give it a Superman costume? Fortunately, Etsy seller turvytopsy has you covered so you can show your bunny just how much you love it by letting it be the best-dressed rabbit at your next pet costume party.

Batman or Bathorse?

When it comes to horse Halloween costumes, there’s pretty much one name in the industry: The Horse Tailor. In fact, if you enjoy seeing horses in costumes, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t visit their website and check out their gallery of horses dressed as Scooby Doo, princesses, bumble bees and more. Here’s their take on Batman…or Bathorse. One thing’s for sure, the Batmobile would look a heck of a lot weirder if it was built for this caped crusader.

Horsey Potter

While the creator of this photo isn’t identified by Horse Fancy Dress Ideas, it’s entirely possible this great Harry Potter mini horse’s costume was also made by the Horse Tailor, particularly since they have made so many great Harry Potter horse costumes in the past.

Don’t Mess With the Demon Horse

Here’s a horse costume that was certainly not made by the legendary Horse Tailor. In fact, this bad assed leather horse mask was actually made by a German fetish wear company, but hey, sometimes you have to go somewhere special when you need a leather worker with this kind of impressive skill.

My Little Kitty

Here’s a cat after John’s heart. Little Lilly here even had a mane as part of her Rainbow Dash costume, but while she didn’t mind the pony body, the mane was just too much for her. By the way, Lilly also makes quite a nice Ewok as evidenced by her 2011 Halloween costume.

A Bearded Dragon Better Suited to Its Name

We already showed how dragons are pretty much the coolest pet you could ever hope for, but since most of us don’t have the space for a dragon, we have to settle for other critters. For those who get lizards because they most closely resemble the winged beasts, Etsy seller owlfeathersnstuff can help you and your lizard dream that it is really a giant monster ready to hoard gold and take princesses captive.

Isn’t She Lovely?

I bet you weren’t expecting any frog costumes when you started reading this article. But yes, frogs can be beautiful too and Redditor brickhithouse has the proof. Just look at this lovely lady dressed as a baby doll in her own private stroller.

Catmen Miranda

This flat-faced feline looks more like she’s trying to reference an old Looney Tune joke than the real Carmen Miranda. Either way, she’s by far one of the most stylish cats from the 2012 Cat Fashion Show as photographed by Katie Sokoler of Gothamist.

Squirrel Jackson

On a final note, it’s almost wrong to do an article about animals other than dogs in costumes without mentioning the world famous Sugar Bush Squirrel. This lovely little lady holds the title of “World’s Most Photographed Squirrel” and her wardrobe would put pretty much all of us to shame. While she has hundreds of great costumes, it’s hard to find any better suited to Halloween than this Michael Jackson Thriller costume.

So, this Halloween, remember, just because your critter doesn’t bark doesn’t mean it should go without a costume. And, of course, if you do dress up your pet (dog or not) be sure to send your adorable animal pictures to us (you can reach me at jill@neatorama.com) –we might just post them.

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