Fan Theory: Obi-Wan Kenobi Was Using Luke Skywalker as Bait to Lure Darth Vader to Tatooine

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Luke Skywalker grows up on a humble moisture farm on Tatooine. His father, Anakin Skywalker, has adopted the name Darth Vader and become a villanous tyrant. He never bothers to check up on a kid with his own unusual last name.

Why? Redditor scc10n8 has concocted a brilliant explanation. The entire plot of Star Wars Episode IV was a long con set up by Obi-Wan Kenobi:

I don't think Obi-Wan ever meant to confront Luke. I subscribe to the notion that the whole thing was an elaborate trap to lure Darth Vader there for a final battle to the death.

He takes Luke there as a child, doesn't even change his last name to anything other than Skywalker, and leaves him with Vader's mom's family on a sparsly populated planet so there's no over abundance of life to hide the kids force talent which is sure to manifest. Then he just sits there in the desert, waiting for Vader to show up so they can throw down on a hardcore force battle in a desert where there won't be much collateral or many opportunities to take hostages. Only he never shows.

Obi-Wan's plan doesn't work, though. Vader never shows up. So when he stumbles across Luke in the desert, he takes a different, even more insidious approach:

Sure Obi-Wan is old, but this kid is fresh. He's maliable. The Empire is sure to be tracking these droids. He just has to distract him for a while and the inevitable is sure to happen to his family. So what does he do? Start dropping hints about the kids dad. Tell him about him being a great jedi, a great pilot, both things the kid will need to off Vader, and all of it true. And as long as he's hearing what he wants to hear, has stars in his eyes, drop the bomb. Vader killed your dad.

From here Obi-Wan's got him, he's getting ready to somehow steer the kid to go check on his family when they seen the plume of black smoke on the horizon. A blasted out Sandcrawler, mana from heaven! After that the whole thing is dominoes. One after another gathering speed. And in a later showdown with Vader he can die with a smile on his face because he knows he gave it the first push.

-via Super Punch

Naw.. Obi promised to hide the twins, Vader didn't even know he had Children so he wasn't looking for them.
Luke could have just been another offspring of a another member of the Skywalker Clan.
Vader could only sense Luke once he started to use the Force.

By hiding Luke with his family is the prefect hiding place, out in the open.
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Lucas' genius really showed itself in two way. The first is not settling for a mere sequel, but building an entire forward and back story. The second is understanding the consumer demand for products associated with loved art and artists. Rumor has it that Paramount let him have all the marketing rights for free.
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If you accept the Star Wars Extended Universe books that are authorized by Lucasfilms, but not accepted by the Lucasfilms as background canon for the new movies, in the book titled "Kenobi" by John Jackson Miller you'll find out that Obi-wan was on Tatooine to look after Luke as he was being raised by his aunt and uncle. Ultimately, according to Lucasfilms any of their authorized Star Wars story that appears on the big screen or little screen is officially canon. The vast number of authorized Star Wars Expanded Universe that exists in books, comics, and games are only to be considered as "legend" and may or may not apply to the stories on the screen.
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This is one of those instances where I choose to add this to my canon because it's just too good. Like the Lord of the Rings "Fly you Fools!" theory, this theory is just a bit of fun that takes a rickety bit of plot and turns it into an opportunity to deepen a character's hidden cunning. It makes wonderful sense.
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"... there's no over abundance of life to hide the kids [sic] force talent..." And there's the problem: neither Luke nor Leia have the Force, which explains why they never exhibited it at any time. R2D2 is the one who really has the force and uses Luke as his puppet, making people (including Luke) believe that Luke suddenly got the Force. That's why Luke never uses the Force unless R2 is close by.
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