35 Awesome Homemade Matching Pet and Owner Couples Costumes

Can you believe it's finally Halloween? I don't know about you guys, but one of my favorite parts of the holiday is getting to see animals in costume -particularly when they match their owners. That's why I took the liberty of rounding up some of the best matching pet and owner costumes from across the web, so now everyone can get in on the fun.

Bowser and Chomp

These Mario baddies look incredible in their costumes, made by Redditor MapleSuicide -even if Chomp doesn't look all too happy about the situation.

ET and Elliot

Larissa and her cat, Opie Winston, make an amazing Elliot and E.T.

A Pan Am Crew

Coolest Homemade Costumes user Sandra has twins and these two 15 month olds are up to flying anywhere and it looks like they'll even make sure your luggage gets their safely.

A Barksy Painting

This costume is a work of art -street art that is. The best part is that it could actually have been done by the real Banksy and we'd never know.

A Native American and a Buffalo

Patrick is a miniature horse that does shows and visits hospitals as a therapy horse. With a great personality like his, it's no wonder that he does so well in Halloween costumes. It doesn't hurt that his handler, Sarah, does amazing costume work.


Here's another costume featuring Patrick -this time with his whole pirate family.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

Don't ever tell me the odds when it comes to making something as mind-blowingly cute as the Han, Chewy and Millennium Falcon creations by The Karpiuks.

Snow White's Evil Queen

Regina and Breeze from At Water Stables did an amazing job demonstrating both of the Evil Queen's looks from the classic Disney Snow White.

A Pair of Peacocks

Karen Biehl and Eli won first place for their matching costumes at the 2011 Tompkins Square Halloween Parade for this impressive display of peacocking.

Tutankhamen and Cleopatra

Ms. Biehl and Eli are regular attendees of the Tompkins Square Parade. In fact, here they are in their 2010 costumes, Cleopatra and King Tut.

Popeye and Olive Oyl

Something tells me this Popeye would not be all too happy to have to gobble down a can of spinach. Either way, Caiden and Alyvia sure make a cute couple and their mother Jennifer did a hell of a job putting these costumes together.

The Wizard of Oz Cast

There are a lot of Wizard of Oz costumes on the web, even ones involving dogs, but it's still rare to see Dorothy as a big, fluffy chow chow -and the other chow looks perfect as the Cowardly Lion, which makes this one particularly wonderful.

Two Black Widows

Now that's a big spider -it's so big, it's even being ridden by another black widow. While you can't tell in this picture, the creators, Costume Works user Chrissy and the rest of her family even built a web that hangs behind the horse's tail.

A Little Shop of Horrors Cast

How could Seymour ever resist feeding Audrey II when she has that precious face popping out of her flower? This is yet another brilliant costume spotted at the Tompkins Square Parade.

A Game of Thrones Family

There are a lot of Game of Thrones dog costumes out there (especially with malamute-looking pups going as dire wolves), but this might just be the only one that features one of the dogs as the Iron Throne itself. The other three costumes are pretty great -but come on, Iron Throne dog!

A Farmer's Market

It's hard to find a costume as fresh as this one and boy do these farmers seem proud of this "priceless" sweet peas. Who knew there was such a great veggie selection available at the Tompkins Square Parade?

Ariel and Flounder

Sure Flounder is bigger than Ariel in this reimagining, but at least he'll be just as loyal as he was in the original. While the Little Mermaid costume is cute, Coolest Homemade Costumes user Maricruz really nailed it on those Flounder fins.

Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

A yellow dress with a big bird hat, a little green hair dye and foil-covered trash can hat makes for a perfect Sesame Street costume at the Tompkins Square Parade.

A Seahorse and a Mermaid

It can be hard to make a comfortable costume for a horse, but this horse cover by Costume Works user Rosanna is a clever way to costume the horse and its rider to be in matching costumes without having to put on a lot of wardrobe pieces.

A Knight With His Dragon

Speaking of horse costumes that are a bit difficult to walk around in, this amazing design by Costume Works user Christine features wings that can expand a whopping 11 feet out! It's probably a good thing Knight Morgan's faithful steed probably only had to walk around the arena a few times.

The Three Little Pigs

These little piggies  at the Tompkins Square Parade might want to seek shelter if they want to avoid the Big Bad Wolf -though I don't think they'd really mind getting attacked with all those wolfish snuggles.

Willy Wonka and an Oopa Loompa

Sure, Willy looks a little shorter in person, but that oompa loompa looks like she's still just the right size. Rachel, the creator of the costume goes into a bit of detail on Costume Works as to how she put together her daughter's costume, but she didn't say anything about how she created such a great Wonka outfit.

Two Mimes

It's so easy to put together a mime outfit -all you need is a striped shirt, a beret and a little makeup. It's almost a little surprising that Costume Works user Shanin is the first person I've seen apply the same principles (sans beret) to a pooch.

A Lion Tamer and Her Lion

This circus-inspired costume is not only fun, but thanks to the young gal's mother, Brooke Kelly of Brooke Kelly Photography, we also have tons of adorable photos of it.

Sherlock and Watson

Sherlock looks eager for a case, but I think Watson here just wants to take a nap -either way, mother Kristi Ford did an amazing job making the two costumes from scratch.

Edward Scissorhands and Kim Boggs

Poor Edward never really gets to hug the girl he adores in the film, but at least he gets hugs in this Halloween costume version created by Coolest Homemade Costumes user Carolina.

Two Inbread Cats

I know inbreading runs in families, but this is just ridiculous. Kelly Reeves did a great job with her silly 2012 Hallowmeme costume.

The Titanic Crew and Passengers

Even though it's doomed to crash, it would be hard to resist a ride on the Tompkins Square Titanic knowing you could ride along with these precious passengers.

Moby Dick and Ahab

This white whale spotted at the Tompkins Square Parade doesn't look this hard to catch, but if you get too close, he might start giving you sloppy kisses.

Ash and Pikachu

Instagram user heymeylynn didn't even make this precious costume for Halloween -she was just frustrated that she couldn't catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Here's a fairy tale with a happy ending -Little Red Riding Hood gets a furry friend in a cute granny costume. Thanks to Vivianne Gucwa for this great image.

The Cat in the Hat and Thing #1 & #2

Thing #1 and Thing #2 look like they're ready to get in all kinds of trouble with this Cat in the Cat. Impressively, this was Amanda V's first attempt at making her own costume. I'd say it worked out pretty well.

Beauty and the Beast

I know, this is a list of handmade costumes and the girl's dress isn't handmade, but the pup's sure is and this prince and princess are just too utterly adorable to ignore.

An Angel and a Devil

It's spooky just how perfect these two look together and while chances are that Instagram user Jax_Tellier didn't make her devil costume on her own, I'm pretty sure she had to put together this perfect angel costume for little Booboo.

A Nice Sushi Snack

It's one thing to put together a costume for you and your pets, it's a whole different challenge to make costumes and elaborate props and Lisa Woodruff went all out when she decided that should go as sushi.

So readers, which of these were your favorites? Tell us in the comments. Also, if you feel like yours should be included in the list then add an image in the comments. Lastly, don't forget to enter our contest with PetsLady.com, where your pet's costume could win you a $100 gift card or a free NeatoShop tee.

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