The 12 Best Geeky Costumes for Halloween 2012

As I’m sure you already know, Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to get your costume together. Me, I’ve already decided to go as Marceline from Adventure Time and Zeon’s going to be the Doctor. For those of you who still haven’t decided though, here are a few ideas to provide you with some very geeky inspiration.

Best Costume for Johnny Depp Fans: The Depp Mash Up

Love Johnny Depp but have a hard time deciding between your favorite of his many great roles? Then consider combining them all into the Mega-Depp like this fellow, photographed by Flickr user greyloch. While I do enjoy the three films depicted in this costume, I do feel he missed out by not throwing in a little white powder under the nose, a cigarette in a cigarette holder and a fishing hat a la Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but maybe he was scared of a Depp overdose.

Best Costume for Indecisive Geeks: Gandwho the Jedi

Alternatively, if you can’t decide between some of the most popular geek franchises out there, you can always chose to combine them like this gentleman did with Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and Star Wars.

Image Via greyloch [Flickr]

Best Costume for the Sexually Confused: Slave Sparrow

For those who want to combine both geek men and nerdy women’s fantasies, this Jack Sparrow/Slave Leia mash up is a great way to turn on a handful of people while confusing and flustering the rest.

Image Via greyloch [Flickr]

Best Couple’s Costume: Companion Cube and Cake

Looking for a great couple’s costume that will confuse half the people who see it and crack up the other half? Then go as the companion cube and cake costume based on the most famous icons from Portal like this couple featured on the Maybe Maibe Tumblr.

Best Meme Costume: Ecce Homo

If you’re still not tired of the famous botched fresco, you can always follow Reddit user spinjump’s example and go as the defaced version of Jesus.

Best Costume Depicting a Mode of Transportation: Serenity

Sure, plenty of people go as characters from Firefly, but let’s face it, the heart of the show really is the ship, Serenity. So why not go as the place where all the action takes place?

Image Via Millermz [Flickr]

Best Scientist Costume: Carl Sagan

Granted, not everyone will get your costume right off the bat, and even when you explain that you’re Carl Sagan –most people will still give you a blank stare. Regardless, I’m sure all you Neatonauts can appreciate the brilliance of a costume paying homage to one of the most brilliant astrophysicists the world has ever known.

African American astrophysicist fans can always go as Neil deGrasse Tyson instead, but I have no pictures of that  -yet.

Image Via Andy Ihnatko [Flickr]

Best Creepy Whovian Costume: Weeping Angel

Ask just about any fan of the modern Doctor Who series and they’ll tell you that the most horrifying monsters on the show are the weeping angels. The best thing about copying LiveJournal user penwiper337’s costume is that those who don’t watch the show will just assume you’re a stone statue, but dedicated Whovians will be afraid to look away from you for the rest of the night.

Best Nerd Costume: Carlton

If you don’t want to be nerdy so much as an outright nerd, why not shine away from the typical taped-up glasses geek and instead go as the tragically uncool Carlton Banks like Redditor Jathu did last year?

Best Costume for Supporting a Show in Peril: Annie and Jeff from Community

If you’re one of the many fans of Community and are fed up with NBC’s attempts to kill the program, then show your support for the students of Greendale by dressing as one of the characters this Halloween. While it’s hard to come up with one iconic outfit for any of the characters (except the dean), these WonderCon attendees had a great idea when they decided to go as Jeff and Annie from the second paintball battle.

Image Via Pop Culture Geek [Flickr]

Best Costume for Apple Fanatics: The iPhone

(Video Link)

Keep in mind that this costume, by YouTube user savioshow, is from two years ago, so if you want to impress anyone with your iPhone costume, it better be thinner than this one and have a bigger screen (like the iPhone 5) or else all the touch-screen technology and image mirroring that goes into the costume will just look outdated and lame.

Best Lazy Gamer Costume: The Game Box

Don’t have the money or time to source an entire costume based on your favorite video game? Then just follow the lead of this gent spotted at Fan Expo Canada and make a giant print of the cover, paste it on cardboard, cut out the character’s face and hands and substitute your own body parts –of course, this does only work for games that prominently feature the main character on the cover.

So, have you guys made up your mind on your costumes yet? If so, what are you going to be? Are any of you planning to be someone or something on this list?

Need more ideas? Then check out the best geek costumes from 2010.

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I appreciate your concern, but really, this article is more about inspiration than instructing people to copy the designs. Besides, most of the cosplay done by professionals requires a specific set of skills that the average person lacks, so they couldn't copy those costumes anyway.
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I don't cosplay. I love looking at the images of the costumes made though. If you (or other artists as you imply) didn't want someone using your ideas to recreate their own costumes then why can I find tutorials for most of the costumes pictured above?
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Look, as one of the costumers on here, I'm very flattered you would feature me. However please try to refrain from encouraging people to copy our costumes. Some of us build, design, and create costumes andd props for a living. Cosplaying a character is one thing. Copying a specific costume or original idea is a bit disparaging towards the artist especially in offering credit where it is due, and in helping us find clients.
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