Case Mod - The Ultimate List

Case Mod: The Ultimate List

Case mods or computer case modifications are the ultimate display of
geek chic, creativity and hardware prowess! Many of them are pieces
of art, whereas others are just plain weird.

Got a photo or build log of a unique case mod not listed here? Please
let me know!

Animal Case Mod    

Moo Cow Moo by Stan Maynard

Cow Milk Jug by Silvanesti

PC Habicase at ThinkGeek (April Fools Prank, thanks Hwa Shi-Hsia!)

Hamster PC by Will Knier

AquaPC by Robert Stoppels

Fish Tank PC by seabass1022

Aqua Tank PC by Gully

Ant Farm by Kevin Rose (via digg, Thanks antdude, Ant!)

Compubeaver by Kasey McMahon (Thanks Kasey!)

Gerbil PC by AdrenalineSpeed
Mystery Machine by Dragonsteel Mods

Kana by Katsuya Matsumura

Bender by Jan Erik Vangen
(via Make Blog)

Maya by Katsuya Matsumura

Tarutaru by Katsuya Matsumura

Pokemon laptop by Fabián Jacob

Close Combat Utility PC RX-78PC by Katsuya Matsumura

Hello Kitty laptop by Fabián Jacob

On the Beach by Katsuya Matsumura

Chii by Ryoko Dragonez - Thanks Ryoko!
Computer & Game Console Case Mod

Atari 2600 Mac by Tim Robertson

Atari 800 by Andy Hutson (via /.)

BBC ITX B by Graham Thompson

AMD Case PC by Alex "Qtip42" Wiley
Alex's Gallery:

X-Box PC at wootboot

Super NES by John F. de Perczel

Windows XP Box by by Andy France

PSU PC by Jeffrey Stephenson (Thanks Jeffrey!)

Mac Mini inside Macintosh SE/30 at Gizmodo (via TechEBlog)

Comodore PET/CBM by ZSX (via Make Blog)

Kaypro II Extreme by Bryan Chafy (Thanks Bryan!)

CPU by Chris Blarsky
Food & Drink Case Mod

Ginger House by Dean Liou

Gingerbread Village by U of Rochester's CIF

Pumpkin PC

BBQ PC by Dean Liou

Beer Dispensing PC at OhGizmo!

Caffeine Machine by Nick "Wixx" Pelis.

Whiskey Bottle by Janos Marton (via /.)

Martini PC by AustinPCMods

Twin Heineken (via Look at This ...)

Bubbacomp by Jeff Dyer

Dew Mod by Tyler Carlton (Thanks MvT Cracker!)

Coffee PC by Tim Quax
Game & Movie Case Mod

Alien Queen Reservoir by Paul Capello

Alien PC by Maico Bensin

Alien by Paul Capello

HellRaiser Cenobite PC by Troy Fryfogle

PuzzleBox Hellraiser by Magnus Persson

Blair Witch PC by Chewy

Matrix Regenerator by Paul Capello

Matrix Rebirth by Paul Capello

Black Mesa II by PilouX

Doom3 by Paul Capello (via Boing Boing)

Doom 3 by Alexander Siener

Doom 3 by Johan "Mashie" Grundstrom

Star Wars by Wolverine

Aurora Star Wars Edition by Alienware

R2-D2 by Ken Kirby

Millenium Falcon PC by Russ Caslis

TIE Fighter by David Barry

Millenium Falcon Mini Mac by Derrick Hixson

Darth Vader's Head PC by Modkid

Unreal Tournament PC by AustinPCMods (Thanks MvT Cracker!)

Spiderman PC by GoTaLL

Spiderman by Gustavo (Thanks Gustavo!)

Borg PC by Xor'Arch

Wolfenstein Radio PC by Sheyr

Metropolis by Paul Capello

Biohazard by Paul Capello

Fear at

HL2 by Geno

Hypercube² by Gert Swolfs Build Log (Thanks Gert!)

Wrestlemania PC at Chaotic Computing (Thanks Jon Lazar!)

Biker Scout PC at Chaotic Computing (Thanks Jon Lazar!)

DarthBeavis at Notebookforums, at Smoothcreations (Thanks [MvT] Cracker!)

ProtoMAME #5 by John Calhoun (checkout ProtoMame #1-4 here)

HAL9000 by Bill McBride

R2SRV by Bruce "CrazyBillyBob" Maley

Batman Begins by Computer Choppers

Star Trek NX-PC by Russ Caslis

Carbonite Shuttle PC by Russ Caslis

Spiderman 3/Venom by Jason Dumbaugh

Batmobile by batfan06 - Thanks Kevin!

Optimus Prime by John Mangus

Hulk PC by Chris Blarsky

Enter the Matrix by Ken Kirby

Hellusion by Troy Fryfogle
Household Item Case Mod

Gas Station by Webb Speidermann

Jerry Can by RapidFrog

Toaster by Adam Bertram

Toaster PC by Technologic Systems (Jesse Off)

Toaster Oven PC by Zack Price (via Waxy)

Waffle Iron PC by Philip Nerges

Microwave PC at Engadget (via Fosfor Gadgets)

Biscuit Tin PC by Tipu

Lunchbox PC by fathertom

Wastebin PC by BeWize

Mailbox PC at

Toilet PC by Dean Liou

BriefCasePC by Ninny

Suitcase PC by Paul Richardson

Secret Agent Briefcase by ClearPC

Attache Server by John Kanemura

Encyclomedia by Marco Venezia

Suitcase PC by Chris Kaufmann

Mini Fridge by Stuart King

VHS-PC by Leslie Sy - Thanks Leslie!

Briefcase PC by Thiago Panda Bauer - Thanks Thiago!

by Carl Huber (via Make)

Basketball PC by Style-Gate (via Gizmodo)

Coffee Table PC by Stephen Johnson - Thanks MvT Cracker!

Matchbox PC by Travis Hydzik - Thanks Travis!

Jerry Can by Fredrik Edler

Tiki Aquarium by thechoozen - Thanks 0v3rcl0ck3r!

DialupPC by Envador
- via Make
and Engadget,
Thanks MvTCracker!
Lego Case Mod

Lego PC by Nathan Sawaya (via Gear Log)

Lego Mac by Apple Juice

Lego PC by Winston Chow

Ari Levine Lego by jetsfan799 (Thanks Ari Levine!)

New Old PC by al_DeVil (Thanks Al!)

Second Lego PC at Chaotic Computing (Thanks Jon Lazar!)

Lego Case 1 by Dorian (via Bibi's Box) see more at Dorian's Lego Computers

Lego Case 5 by Dorian

Project Onyx by Dorian

Space Station Linux - Thanks Andrew!

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle by Thomas Kisner
Music Case Mod

Guitar PC by Terence Lee

Guitar PC by Dean Liou

Accordion PC by Lennie Moore

Pink Floyd The Wall by Mnpctech

Gramaphone PC by Tony Greenberg

Touchscreen Boombox PC at Gutterslide

Creative X-Fi "Music Creation" by Dave Williams

Bass Station Ghettoblaster by Ahmi Wolf and Mark Argo (Thanks Mark!)

Turntable Stero PC by Frans Jan - Thanks Frans!

Computer/Piano by Compiano
TV & Radio Case Mod

Vesperdeco by Chris Newman

Vintage Radio PC by Carlos López

1940's Bush DAC 90 tube radio by Johan Grundstrom

Coelacanth PC by Geir Ergoy

ITX TV (National 1970 TV) by ZSX

Philco Predicta by Onomy (via Ritilan)

Cinemedia by Chris Newman

Zenith Radio by Jeffrey Stephenson (Thanks Jeffrey!)

Unidyne PC by Jeffrey Stephenson (Thanks Jeffrey!)

Media Mac by John Calhoun (via Gizmodo)

Mythie PC by Paul Rosser

Tux by Paul Rosser

Marantz by Computer Choppers
Vehicle & Aircraft Case Mod

Hummer PC by Wil Harris

Heavy Metal by James Anderson

LAN Truck by Anthony Pritchard (via

Compucar (via Look at this...)

Ford Bronco by Richard Sherman (via Raw Feed)

Mazda3 Car PC at

Dashboard PC by Dean Liou

AMD Big Block V8 by Headroomx

Chopper PC by Chopper Computers (via Kotaku)

Harley Davidson by Mnpctech

Think Tank PC at transportTrends

Computer Bike by Russ Caslis

Bike PC at (via Look at This ...)

Nighthawk: Skunkworks F117-A by Paul Capello

USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier by Russ Caslis

Cammer V8 by David Ledogar (Thanks Norwood Matt!)

Humvee by Stormeren (via Jaf Project)

Formula at Babetech (Thanks Martin!)

AMD GT-400 modeled after Ford GT sports car by Team Raptors (Thanks Josh!)

iBook H2 by John Hart and Evan Keeling (via TechEBlog)

Viper PC by xGrill

Dodge Magnum PC (via Gizmodo)

Project Hummer by Andrew Hawkins - Thanks Andrew!

UAL737 by Brian Carter - Thanks Brian!
War-Themed & Weapon Case Mod

Ammo Box by Guy Pracy

Battlefield PC by Oliver König

PainMaster 5000 by Justin Hatem (Thanks Austin!)

WMD by G-Gnome (Pete Dickison)

Blastbox by The Widow Maker (Thanks Nick Pegtol!)

WMD II by G-gnome

Radioactive Ammo Case LAN PC by Zap Wizard

Pink Camo Hornet Pro by Monarch (via Wonderland)

War Machine by Stu King - Thanks Stu!
Sangaku by Nicholas Falzone

Mahogany Case by Chris Horn

Tubby (Fridge + PC) by Hakon Krogh

Wooden iMac by Glen Bowers

Chest of Drawers by Kyle Shipp

Humidor CL Server by Jeffrey Stephenson (Thanks Jeffrey!)

Humidor Cluster by Jeffrey Stephenson (Thanks Jeffrey!)

Redwood PC (via Boing Boing and Make: Blog)

Woody by Michael Duniam (Thanks Michael!)

Redwood PC by ZapWizard (via Make Blog)

Project Redwood by Zap Wizard

SuperMegaMau Wood PC Case by SuperMegaMau

Yasuko by Suissa Computers

Stained Glass PC

Yuugou by Greensabbath - Thanks MvT Cracker!

Decomatic by Jeffrey Stephenson - Thanks Jeff!

Skyscraper Photo PC by Jeffrey Stephenson

Stealthdesk by Chris Samson

Enlighten by Suissa
Other Case Mod

Coffin PC at QuakeCon 2005

Casket PC by AustinPCMods

The Case That Must Not Be Named by Mark Jones

Silicon Rising by Paul Capello

ElectriClerk by Andrew Leman

Underwood No. 5 by Joel Zahn

Goatse at

Wallcrawler PC at ExtremeTech

Temple of the King by Vincent Koh Chaik Chuan

Y2K Bug by Johan "Mashie" Grundstrom

American Flag Laptop by Smooth Creations

Wrist PC by Eurotech

Home Sweet Home by Brian Carter

11th Commandment by Chewy

Skateboard Ramp PC by Michael Buffington

Deco Box by Dave Benz

Mirage by Andy Crawford

Dragon PC by Duck

PVC 2 by Dean Liou

Polyurethane Foam PC by NeuHausPlatz

Coppertop by Blake Betz (via Wonderland)

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The Montreal International Game Summit is trying to organize a case modding EXPO/CONTEST for it's 2010 edition on Novembre 8 and 9th. I'd like to hear from your readers if it's a good idea .
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You should add my PC mod up there, the Sega EXODUS. Core 2 E8500, with an nvidia 9800 GT, 4gb DDR2 ram, and some wicked mod parts, all built into a Sega Genesis+CD Zotac featured it in their 2nd blog posting. Also a video on youtube.
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