Jaime "Kalapusa" Margary

My name is Jaime Margary, also known as Kalapusa. I am known mostly as a sculptor and an illustrator, but I enjoy learning and practicing other mediums and doing as well as I can to master them and find what visions they may bring that cannot be found in any other. My artistic urge is fueled by an intense curiosity to see the end result of an idea brought to life. The projects I pick usually have a technical challenge I have not overcome before, to reap techniques that have a potential for projects I previously thought out of my league. I want to grow as an artist, expressing different styles reflecting different sides of myself and the way I see the world.

Piranha Plant and Vincent
My Piranha Plant sculpture with my dog, Vincent, standing guard. In creating it, I based my design on this question: Had it been based on a real living plant, what would it look like? I used clay, a strengthened wire skeleton and a special mix of acrylics to get the right appearance of flesh (particularly the inside of the mouth). During its creation, I documented the process for a video in which you can see the individual pieces being sculpted and painted before being put together.

Making a Piranha Plant

[YouTube Link]

Audrey II Baby

A commissioned replica from the Da Doo sequence in the 1986 musical Little
Shop of Horrors. Having started off my series of plant sculptures with
an Audrey II, it seemed appropriate to close out the series with a final
replica, albeit a younger version. The sculpt was planted in an authentic
1950's Maxwell House coffee can, the same model seen in the movie and
in my original sculpt.

Metroid Physiology

This is the final reference illustration, rendered with pencils, to be
used for the metroid specimen sculpture. It marks the end of many months
of work on designing a reinterpretation of the iconic monster into something
that could exist in real life. A summary of the biological workings of
my interpretation of a metroid body, which comprises about half of the
work that led to this design was also created to go with the piece.

Life in Corozal

An experiment in the use of space, color and a visual diary of the thoughts
going through my head in my last days in Puerto Rico. Created with oil
and water-based markers. If you happen to have a pair of 3D glasses (not
the blue-red ones but the ones that separate opposite colors) you might
enjoy this a little more since it was designed with them in mind.

Mina Considers Her Options

An illustration created for a book I wrote a few years back. Basic 3D
models were used for the distant buildings, the office and larger buildings
were created in Photoshop, while photography, pencil drawings and a clay
sculpture were used for textures and Mina's body.

Going in Circles

Created with pencils, this is from a children's book I wrote a long time
ago. It took me two weeks to finish while I was stuck up in a mountain
in Puerto Rico with no electricity after a bad hurricane. I had to do
it by sunlight and the moment it was finished I stepped outside to show
it to my neighbor and a bird flew right over me and pooped on it. Luckily
it hit right on the edge of the protective sheet I had taped to the side
so the ink wouldn't spread. Just an inch to the right and it would have
been ruined.


A realistic interpretation of a Goomba, as seen in Super Mario Brothers.
I used clay and acrylics and the final piece is about two inches. This
is technically my second Goomba, since the Piranha Plant actually had
one that was a little more realistic (it was basically a brown mushroom,
no eyes).

Niko Bellic

A 6" sculpture of Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV. The first
in a series of game related pieces, I then decided to focus on subjects
that weren't realistic to begin with.

Cyclops Carrot

Part of my odd plant series, this was one of two carrot sculptures made
(the other being a paranoid carrot).

Piranha Plant Baby

For the baby, I followed the exact same steps except that I applied softer
textures, brighter colors and a teething mouth. I used clay, a strengthened
wire skeleton and a special mix of acrylics.

Please send all inquiries to kalapusa at aratamedia dot com

Currently accepting commissions in various mediums.

To see my gallery and new pieces as they arrive, visit: deviantART
| Facebook | Flickr
| or follow me on Twitter

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