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Pelican Waddles into Fast Food Restaurant, Waits in Line

A pelican stepped into a fish and chips shop in Kiama, New South Wales, Australia. It waited in line. But the service was slow, so after briefly looking behind the counter, he explored the restaurant.

I don't understand why the parents of the little boy didn't pull him away from the bird. That's a wild animal, not a tame pet. To his credit, he had more sense that the woman who tried to pet the pelican.

-via Dave Barry


The Mystery of the Missing Sausage

Every picture tells a story, don't it? This one tells the story of an extra-greasy sausage left on the stove just long enough to preserve the evidence of theft. But the image was posted at reddit, which meant that other stories followed in the comments. First, jgr83 told a story about the time his brother mistook saved bacon grease for gravy and ate it. Then  Prince_Edward_IV replied with the story of his roommate's bacon candles. Bacon candles? It wasn't long before Salegosse linked a recipe for bacon candles. So now a sausage-stealing cat has taught you how to make your life smell like bacon.  -via TYWKIWDBI


Beer Keg Urinals

Hammered in Time of Shelton, Connecticut offers unique handmade bar furniture, such as stools, tables, and, most importantly, urinals. That's because your bodily beer processing unit moves expeditiously, providing you with an output that must be expended.

Each kegrinal is made of stainless steel and comes with built-in wall brackets. All of the sharp edges have been smoothed down so that you aren't injured while using the kegrinal.

-via Rain Noe's weekly design roast at Core 77, which should be on your regular reading list.


The Bizarre Rise of Fast Food Fused with Snack Foods

A lot of modern cuisine arises from the fusion of dishes that people happen to like, like taco pizza. We love tasty new ideas, like putting bacon on everything until it became a joke, and then moving on to do the same with pumpkin spice. Fast food and snack companies got in on the act, too, as when Taco Bell started making tacos with Nacho Cheese Doritos as a shell. Years later, America has moved on to other strange fare like the KFC Cheetos Sandwich, while the Doritos Locos Taco has just recently made it to Britain, where they have to ponder why. Is it an American thing?    

Sure, the US loves junk food and is a massive country whose huge highways gave rise to the modern roadside drive-through. But the origins of processed food are global, diverse and span thousands of years, from the salt-cured fish stored in pharaohs’ tombs in ancient Egypt to the invention of canning in 19th Century France. Fast forward to today, and processed foods are omnipresent the world over, whether it’s a packet of crisps in the glove box or shopping centres brimming with takeaways.

So maybe it’s no surprise creations like the Cheetos chicken sandwich aren’t limited to the US. In Japan in 2015, Kit Kats found their way into a whipped-cream-and-orange peel sandwich at First Kitchen, a fast food chain. Pizza Huts in Australia made pizza crusts from Doritos in 2014. Nutella was used in dessert burgers at McDonald’s in Italy in 2016. Last month, McDonald’s in the UK introduced its Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry, using a well-known chocolate brand.

Of course, whether these "stunt foods" are any good or not, they are all worth the trouble of creating just for the publicity. Read about the rise of junk food-fast food fusion at BBC Worklife.   -via Metafilter


The Quest for the Irish Atlantis

According to Irish legend, there is an island about 200 miles west of Ireland that only emerges from the sea once every seven years. That's Hy-Brasil, home to the pagan gods of old, or else a lone magician in his castle (which reminds us of a certain solitary retired Jedi master). There are plenty of Hy-Brasil sightings, and a few stories of those who claimed to have visited it, mostly told second hand or referencing older, lost writings.    

The legend of the Hy-Brasil eventually traveled outside Ireland, and began popping up on maps belonging to explorers with really primo explorer names, like Angelino Dulcert, Abraham Ortelius, Gerardus Mercator – the list goes on. The point is, this went on for another five centuries, on over 300 nautical charts. Everyone who was anyone walking talking Hy-Brasil. In the words of Shakira, the maps don’t lie:

Of course, we know that maps do lie sometimes. But there is that one story from a Captain Nisbet, who claims to have stayed on Hy-Brasil and met the magician. Even if it is only a legend, there are as many explanations for such claims as there are islands around Ireland. Read about Hy-Brasil at Messy Nessy Chic.


The Barbie Dreamhouse Is Available on Airbnb

The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse, as seen in Barbie lore and the TV show, is now a place where you can actually stay. Airbnb offers a luxury villa in Malibu, California which has been altered with lots of pink frilly Barbie accessories and amenities.

The Dreamhouse will be available only from October 27-28. It includes a pool with waterslide, a crafting room, and a home movie theater. Proceeds from the rental will go to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, which is a non-profit project that encourages girls to conquer self-limiting beliefs and fully pursue their ambitions.

-via Design Boom


New Ways to Play Ping Pong

The French design studio Exercise likes to find innovative takes on play and exercise. Their re-imagined games bring people together in novel ways.

Most recently, Exercise took on ping pong. It has developed unusual paddles that may make the game challenging for experienced players.

It also suggests that the table can change. The tables in the back of the above photo are the most interesting to me. They're set up for a 3-way ping pong battle. You can see more photos of this project at Design Boom.


When Sleep Tracker Apps Record Something Else

Sleep tracker apps are, well, apps that track your sleep pattern. By using the microphone on your smartphone, the sleep tracker app can record when you’re tossing and turning, or when you’re snoring or talking in your sleep, or when you get up to get a glass of water. The app then uses its data gathered to wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. Aside from that: it also records your farts.

(Video Credit: fin_costick/ Twitter)


Randall Munroe Explains How to Power Your House

Randall Munroe went from a job as a NASA programmer and roboticist to creating the webcomic xkcd. He has a new book called How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems. This video shows you the kind of thing the book contains, as Munroe weighs the pros and cons of various ways of providing sustainable power to your home. -via Digg


A Dead, Decomposing Whale Once Toured the United Kingdom

In December of 1883, a wayward humpback whale was spotted in the estuary near Dundee, Scotland. Townfolk were so excited, they decided to catch the whale. They only succeeded in killing it. But a dead whale is still exciting, and people came from miles around to see it. Surgeon and naturalist John Struthers wanted to dissect the whale and study its anatomy, but there was money to be made.

Struthers measured the whale, but he wasn’t permitted to cart it back to his lab. The fate of the 45-foot, 29-ton cetacean was decided at auction, where a local oil merchant named John Woods—“Greasy Johnny”—paid £226 (about $34,000 today). It came to be known as the Tay Whale, for the body of water it had strayed into. Twenty horses hauled the carcass half a mile to Woods’s scrap yard, Williams writes. It took 26 hours.

Almost immediately, Woods went into the souvenir business. He commissioned commemorative photographs of the whale, Williams writes, “whereby the dull surroundings of the yard were replaced by a scenic view of the Silvery Tay, with rail bridge and a sunset on imaginary hills.” And he began charging for views. On a single Sunday afternoon, 12,000 visitors paid to gawk. In a town of 200,000, some 50,000 turned out to see the whale. “Enthusiastic visitors even jumped on the whale’s back and did somersaults on it!” Sedakat says.

Woods was eager to wring every possible penny from the whale, even as it decomposed over time. He allowed Struthers to dissect it piece by piece, which lightened the load until Woods could take the carcass on the road. And every day it smelled worse. Read about the extended afterlife of the Tay Whale at Atlas Obscura.


A Sunlight-Activated Installation in a Las Vegas Building

Check out this installation made by DAKU, an anonymous artist from India. The installation, which is a quote from William Shakespeare, is activated by the sun; as the latter casts light on the installation, shadows are cast, and the quote appears.

The somewhat decontextualized phrase could reflect on time in general, or perhaps life itself. As the sun shifts throughout the day and casts its shifting shadows, the message appears and disappears, with the physical white letters blending into the building.

This is only one of the many time and light-activated installations of DAKU, which he refers to, collectively, as “Time Changes Everything.”

(Image Credit: Justkids/ Colossal)


Banksy’s Online Store

Banksy has now launched his own online store, a few weeks after setting up a showroom for “display purposes only” in South London. The shop is titled “Gross Domestic Product”, or “GDP”, and it features limited edition products like a jacket worn by Stormzy at Glastonbury Festival, branded t-shirts tagged by the artist, a clutch bag, and many more. There’s a catch to his store, however.

...the shop is not first come, first served. As many of the items for sale are limited edition pieces, a system has been set up to allow anyone to register their interest before october 28, 2019. Potential buyers are allowed to pick one item only, and are prompted to answer the following tie-breaker question: ‘ ̶w̶h̶y̶ ̶ does art matter?’ An independent judge will examine the answers and select the ‘most apt and original’ applications.

(Image Credit: Banksy/ Instagram)


The Stories Behind 21 Bizarre Celebrity Quirks

When you see someone often in movies or TV, you start to notice things that make them different from other celebrities. Maybe it's a facial expression, or the way they dress, or something they do over and over. Most of the time, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Why does Bill Nye wear a bow tie? How did Jason Momoa get that scar? Was that Marilyn Monroe's natural voice? You'll find out in the latest ranked pictofacts list at Cracked. 


Miniature Tokyo Storefronts

There’s something mysteriously captivating to Tokyo’s storefronts that have inspired many artists and designers. In fact, even artists not from Japan are inspired by these stores. Such is the case of Stockholm-based designer Christopher Robin (yes, he was named after one of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends).

...that inspiration came when he had the opportunity to visit Tokyo for the first time last year. Upon returning, he began a side-project called TokyoBuild.
Christopher Robin begins each project by going on Google Street View and clicking down the side streets of Tokyo until he finds a storefront that he likes. However, the replication stops here. Working largely from his imagination, Robin draws up plans for the storefront, but at a miniature scale of 1:20. Working with a combination of materials and techniques, the designer meticulously fabricates and assembles his creations with the utmost attention to detail. From rusting corrugated steel facades to manhole covers out front, nothing gets overlooked.

Check out the photos over at Spoon & Tamago.

(Image Credit: Spoon & Tamago)


Man Makes Unexpected Catch In A Montana Lake

When Brett Hereford was out fishing on a lake in Montana along with his family earlier this month, he wasn’t expecting to make a catch of a lifetime. The catch, however, wasn’t a fish at all — it was a bobcat.

Rather than leave the animal to try and make it back to dry land on his own, the Herefords stepped in — Brett scooping up the exhausted bobcat in a fishing net.

What happened next? Find out over at The Dodo.

(Image Credit: Bob Hereford/ Facebook)

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