What Do You See in This Image?

It's not a personality test, it's a vision test. Protanopia and deuteranopia are two specific kinds of color blindness that make it hard to distinguish red and green. No doubt you've seen a lot of these "colorblindness tests" on the internet, and they are usually taken from the Ishihara test. This one is, too. However, most of the images you've seen from the test are easy to decipher if you can see a full range of colors. Plate #19 looks like a mishmash of colored dots to most people. Only if you have some kind of red-green deficiency will you see a number. If you have deuteranopia, you are liable to see the number 73. If you have protanopia, you are more likely to see the number 23. Check out how others see this glob of colored dots, including some manipulations of the original image that shed more light on what you are seeing. -Thanks, gwdMaine!

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23 - I didn't know until I enlisted in the Air Force. It was an automatic disqualification from the electronics field. Guess they didn't want me cutting the wrong wire. . .
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"What Do You See in This Image?"

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