People Can Get Really Worked Up Over Steak Sauce

Geeks Are Sexy posted this comic from Alzward's Corner. You can see that the host is offended by his dinner guest adding A1 steak sauce to a steak he put a lot of effort into preparing. It's a pretty straightforward scenario, but on the site's Facebook page, everyone and their brother registered their opinion. Some sided with the cook, who went out of his way make sure the steak was perfect when he served it. Some sided with the guest, because everyone has their own tastes, and who are we to tell them they are wrong? And of course, there were those who wondered where the steak sauce came from anyway. Did the host have it on the table? Did the guest bring it with him? But the heart of the matter was illustrated by a thread involving two Facebook members, both named Michael, who spent all day arguing with each other about a steak that neither one could eat. The very persistence of the Michaels was so impressive that Geeks reached out to them and reposted their argument in full on the main site, so you can see how they stubbornly held on long after their spat devolved into insults. This is our modern world, where two people who have never met and probably never will fight to the finish over whose opinion is more valid.

What's your opinion on the steak scenario? Check all that apply.

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I eat it the way I want it. It don't matter what you think, because I'm the one paying for it. That said, Medium-well, with Country Bobs sauce on the side for the fries and maybe a small dip for the steak.
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Get the same argument when it comes to how done people like their steak ... My take is I only got to eat what is on my plate, so do whatever to your food. As for steak sauce, my preference is to put that on the taters.
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To each their own. Personally, if it's an expensive cut, putting anything on it is wasting the natural flavour. I love A1, HP, whatever steak sauce. I'll add garlic, pepper, salt, steak spice mix... whatever I'm in the mood for and want.... on a cheap cut.
The thing about all of those (well, besides salt I guess) is that they aren't flavour enhancers. They're the opposite. Those flavours of the additional additives may compliment the steak, but simply by being there, and having their own flavour, they inherently have to take away from the 100% steak flavour. It becomes a mixed/shared flavour. And why would you pay for a premium cut to do that?
I had this very argument once with somebody who was adamant about dousing fillet mignons with pepper before cooking them. I simply asked them to leave mine non-spiced, and they were shook. Just couldn't understand my reasoning.
Now, if I'm a host, and buy expensive cuts, and guests want to sauce them up... okay. But one time only. The next time they come over they're getting hot dogs.
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There's nothing better than a well done steak with ketchup. Preferably Heinz. And McDonald's most definitely has acceptable food. I mean they have to since they have Michelin prices.

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