28 Things We Misunderstood As Children

At some point, we were all gullible children. When I was about 4 years old, I was led to believe that my cousin's doll was like the possessed one from the movies (Chucky), and I couldn't use the bathroom for a time because they put it in front of the bathroom door. Cracked lists 28 things that their members misunderstood when they were children. Here are some of my favorites from that list.

This first one is fairly harmless. If someone older tells you something, we as children are susceptible to believe them (see anecdote above). In this person's case, I would say no harm, no foul. One might even think that butterflies and moths are one and the same thing, just by how similar they appear. Like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of thing.

This person shared they used to do one of Goku's moves from Dragon Ball Z. I think that most of us at some point tried to imitate the things that we see on movies or television and thought were cool. The comment was hilarious though, because doing that in the open does look like children performing a ritual, if you can imagine it.

I think everyone can relate to this one about chewing gum. They tell you it will either be left undigested and stay inside forever, or in the case of bubble gum, that it will blow up in your stomach. Still, I think it's quite unhealthy to swallow chewing gum, so we shouldn't do it.

And this one just cracked me up. They do oddly look alike!

(Images credit: Cracked; Artem Kniaz/Unsplash)

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I'm a boomer and this is a story from the 1920's that my mother and her brother (my uncle) told me. When they were kids they believed that grasshoppers would spit molasses. They would each catch a grasshopper in their hands and shake them really hard until the bugs vomited onto their hands. While shaking the bugs they would yell "Grasshopper, grasshopper, give me some molasses!" Then they would open there hands and the bugs would flee and they would lick up the grasshopper juice. yeah... fun times.
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When I was three, my parents took me to see Holiday on Ice, and all I remember was my dad trying to get me to eat cotton candy. I knew cotton was what was stuffed in the top of the aspirin bottle, and I'd already tried to eat it. No way was I going to fall for Dad's tricks!
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